Storm, heart and sleep

I am a planner. If I know something is coming or I know something will come – I plan for it. Because I do not like this surprise full of crap stuff.

I much prefer to know what is coming so that I may prepare lol ✌️ but life won’t do that for me 🤨

So I just plan when I can.

Today at work… my phone starts going crazy!! First with freeze warning ⚠️ … ok fine … it will be cold. Fine whatever … I knew it was gonna take back my spring!!

I knew it was too good to be true!!

I just wanted to believe it would be spring so badly!! Lol ✌️ I am so close!!

Anyway whatever – cold is coming.

Well then it starts going off again and this time it tells me Flood warning 🤨 alright 🤨

So cold and flooding 🤨 awesome

So… I was thinking… I have home quarters at work. I have a cot. I could just stay at work… there is a shower. I might do that rather than drive home in a horrible storm and then drive back in same storm the next morning… I don’t really want to do that.

So I might we see? I will think about it – but I have prepare incase I decide yes lol

I have my blankets, and clothing and towels and necessities. I have the cot and pillow and everything in my car already. I am ready just incase it’s really bad- cause those highways are horrific normally nevermind in a storm like that.

So I will check out this shower tmrw and just see that it works – we never use it

So we will see. Just that drive really makes me uneasy in a storm like that. I just do not trust these California drivers on highways in the rain!

I just really don’t want to do that. I cringe thinking of the drive!!! My daughter will be with her father, so I won’t have to get back home for her.

I close and open anyway…

So I’ll see what I wanna do. I will probably chicken out anyway ✌️ I dunno? Depends on how bad is.

So we actually are really really busy… we have a completely FULL board!! If we get anymore I have to try using a different board cause we have no spaces

Cemeteries are at least 2 weeks out in booking… it busy busy busy.

We will have a lull, and we think ahhh breath for a minute!!! But then they just keep coming.

I have one that I am working with because it is a coroner case.

I don’t usually get involved because I am office manager so I make sure they are happy with services. But I don’t usually handle any of the cases myself… other than slightly, but this one is different.

We don’t even have the call yet. I have very little info.

A man died – and no next of kin was known so it then becomes ward of the coroner. By law the coroner has to do everything in their power to hunt down next of kin. It is their signatures we need. By law.

If no one could be found then it is up to coroner how to handle. If someone is offering to take responsibility – I highly doubt the coroner would not accept that.

In order to have a body released from the coroner … there is a $400 release fee – (not everyone needs or goes to coroner) he is at coroner because they tracking down family.

I have been helping this mans friends because they want to give him a funeral. ❤️ he was very loved. They want to pay whatever it takes for him to have a funeral

They just want to properly send him off. Well … they found family… so they may get their wish ❤️❤️

I will need vitals…

Your vitals are the information for the death certificate. Date of birth, date of death – time of death – where was born… parents names, where parents were born. Where lived, where died. How many years in county… what did you do for work? How long did you do that? Highest education level etc … we ask you lots of questions – we need as much as we can get!

Anyway… it’s very touching they care about this man the way that they do ❤️

That is very sweet – I was touched by the story immediately. ❤️

Sometimes there is heartwarming in the losses. Isn’t that weird? It’s a loss… but it is heartwarming … how loved he was that they go to these lengths for this man ❤️

So I dunno… it is heartwarmingly beautiful ❤️ … but still sad because is a loss so that messes me up! I have 2 sides on that one!! Heartbreak and heartwarming …that is so weird to me!! It does not fit together?? But then in this case, it does 😮

Heartbreak and heartwarming – all in one 😮 so weird but also very beautiful! ❤️

He must have been quite a man for his friends to do this for him. They didn’t have to, but they did ❤️ they have hearts ❤️

So yeah it is a sad but also beautiful story. Very touching. I feel for them.

Anyway… what else?? I suppose that is it. ?? I don’t know ? I feel like I am forgetting something?

It is cold tonight 🥶 – very cold… and I have heater on – it is still cold brrr

It is in these moments that I long for the warmth really bad lol … but ok fine … cold


Anyway… I am always really tired. We have funerals every day this week. So I am tired from today and a lot went on today … no water heater stuff though ❤️ that was heavenly. Omg yes!!

Anyway… it is cold. And I want to bury myself under thousands of covers lol 😘❤️ I want to hibernate lol – doesn’t that sound heavenly in the cold? You just stay under the covers lol … until spring lol

Well it “sounds” amazing anyway lol

So yeah I want to go crawl in bed ❤️✌️😘 good night 😴💤 🌙

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