Sucky Stories and Vaccine

Work was busy – crazy busy.

I had a really sad sad story today 💔💔💔 sometimes there are just heartbreaking things!!!

Let not talk about that because my heart severely broke for that family today. I am still pained with their situation. It is literally beyond heartbreaking. 💔 So we gonna skip right over that…

All day long was go go go go!!! It’s insane

And then we have soooo many families!!!! Some families are really amazing – close and loving – work great together ❤️

And then we also have families who are estranged, or don’t get along… those are hard because we have to be all up in the family stuff … emotions are really high when is a loss.

Also every single time – everyone is always REALLY sweet and friendly to “me”… everyone is always REALLY nice to me… their tone of voice with me… is very different – they are happy to talk to me

…but then with my arrangers sometimes the people aren’t very nice to them? Their tone changes … Maybe because arrangers talk money – I just smile and say hello lol ✌️I just get to offer comfort – the arranger has to make them happy and plus they sell things so maybe people are that way because of that?

Tmrw I have stuff happening at work and I have to have the gas company there 🤨 that’s part of that long dumb story about the locked door. 🤨

Let’s not talk about that one either lol – that one frustrates me lol

I don’t like any of my stories tonight ✌️

After work today I did go and get shot one … of two… of the vaccine.

They gave me Moderna – so I go back again for the second dose on Feb 16.

I had to have already been signed up … which I was… and I had to fill out some paperwork…

They wanted to know my race and my job.

They also asked health questions – did I feel ok today and have I ever experienced any severe allergic reaction to any medications – I am allergic to Penicillin, or any of the Cillins lol

But that was fine.

They asked me about my cancer … also one of my arms can never be used for blood draws or shots – my right side because they took lymph nodes from that side. It is compromised now. Always has to go left.

But they also said… this has not been tested on people who have had cancer, many people have different reactions, are you ok with that?

Yes I am ok with that.

So… I wore the wrong shirt and almost had to take my shirt off cause they want the tippy top of your shoulder.

But I was able to get shirt sleeve up high enough thank god!! I did not want to end up topless for a fricken vaccine lol

It’s a small little syringe 💉 I looked away, because I am wimpy ✌️… It just felt like she put something to my shoulder, but I felt no needle.

I had to wait 10 minutes before they let me leave, so they could make sure I was doing ok. I was fine.

It’s fine mostly… but I can feel it now… is similar to a tetanus shot. Area will kinda hurt?

Other than that, I am feeling fine – they said first dose shouldn’t be too many problems … but the second dose has the potential to make me sick with those similar symptoms 🤨 like diarrhea, headache, vomiting, fever, congestion etc 🤨 it just won’t kill me (although I may feel that way lol)

Ok so the second shot could make me sick 🤨 we will see 😳

So ok first one is over with – I am still alive.

I still don’t feel totally safe though … and I will still have to be masked and have precautions.

Feb 16th is dose 2

So far, other than the pain at the injection site – I seem ok? I had it done 4 hours ago

Alright well I am tired and tmrw I have a lot with gas company and the also families

I have to sleep. I will try to be back at some point – sometimes I feel like I run in circles ✌️

Good night 😴🌙💤

36 thoughts on “Sucky Stories and Vaccine

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      1. My coworker had same pain in vaccination area/arm… she said hers was about 3 days …

        I do feel it getting better but is that stiff hurty tetanus shot type feeling? 😝

        Right now is better than was early but still hurty

        Maybe they had different shot than me? I had Moderna but there are others aren’t there? Pfizer … so maybe that? But my arm hurts!! And my coworker had that too


      2. Yeah… could also something like she had unknown prev exposure whereas you guys didn’t, so your bodies reacted stronger.

        I just signed up to be notified when I’m eligible. Per LB’s current gudelines, I’ll be eligible in March.

        When do you get your next shot?

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      3. It’s just a theory. I heard that the vaccine causes your body to mount a defense like you got a small amount of live covid. So I’m theorizing that someone with prexisiting exposure (the other person is a hospital nurse but not in covid ward) would already have immunity built up.

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      4. Yeah I do not know those details. I see the death, I get the vaccine and hope for the best lol

        But then people are recatching covid aren’t they? So how come their immunity isn’t getting better?


      5. You can still catch covid up to 2 wks after 2nd dose. Then you should have immunity. But the about of people who develop immunity still varies by maker.

        Neighbor, prev positive and getting first shot tomorrow, said he heard 1st dose of Moderna hurts non-pos people more. But 2nd dose hurts pre pos people more and more closely mimics infection. For Pfizer, it’s the opposite.

        I hope J&J stats stay good (1 dose is 95% effective; low reactions) and I get that one! I shouldn’t have much reaction flu shots have never bothered me, but my history of unknown allergy triggers makes me nervous.

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      6. It does make you nervous. I am nervous to get sick from the second shot

        Is Johnson & Johnson out and approved? I don’t know anything about theirs… how do you know that is one you get?

        I didn’t know which one they doing until I got there


      7. Now, J&J is still in Ph3 testing – goes to FDA after that for rapid approval.

        I think no one knows what they’ll get till they get to the site. But because of known side effects (Moderna causes allergic reaction to facial fillers), that info might become avail in advance.

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      8. Oh ok.

        I haven’t had any problems with Moderna, other than the arm pain which was similar to tetanus … so was ok for me… so far with shot 1.

        Shot 2 is the shot I am nervous with. I do not want to even be slightly sick- I do not have the time for that! And I don’t want to feel that either lol

        Oh wow! Well I do not have facial fillers … I would never ever!!

        Has been fine so far with the previous cancer and breast implants ❤️


      9. It seems to just be facial fillers that react. Weird. The only reason I don’t have them is because I couldn’t afford them. Plus I really “need” a full face lift rather than simply filling my deep brow furrows.

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      10. That is really strange!! I wonder why? What is it?

        I would prefer to stay away if unnecessary. That whole thing creeps me out just a little bit


      11. Just realized.. were you talking about the news that the S Africa variant may be vaccine resistant (currently being tested) because some people are getting re-infected by that variant??

        I’ve heard different stories about add’l Calif variants being found.

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    1. lol … yeah we gonna see what happens 😮😄

      I don’t feel sick or anything so far. Just my arm hurts alot

      A little nervous for 2nd shot, but I’m sure be fine 🙏

      I have about a month to freak out about that lol ✌️

      So far so good though 🙏

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      1. The other girl in my office had hers done a week before me, and she had that same pain in the arm. She told me today that it only lasted maybe first 3 days? So today was my day 1 and it hurt – I couldn’t move that arm normally because it hurts right there at the shoulder I had to have my arm up at one point today (holding a flashlight 🤨) I could not extend it fully like normal cause it hurt

        So 2 more days ..but it’s already weakening in pain… this morning was awful, really hurty! And all day at work it hurt… but now that I am home – there is still pain but it is better

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      2. It wasn’t bad – just a little hurty and sore and everyday is better. Today is not as sore.

        But it was a shot so it’s supposed to be like that anyway lol not a big deal just hurty ✌️

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    2. And at least they finally rolling it out!! I think they had to figure out how to do that … and right away they booked my second appointment. I didn’t have to do that – they scheduled for me immediately

      So hopefully now more people have access to that and they get faster with it 🙏✌️

      Please stay safe 🙏

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      1. Beliefs right? 💋 I would like to believe this will work 😘✌️🙏 ya know it was quick for them to come up with (even though felt like eternity) and we don’t really know how people will react. So hopefully goes well for everyone 🙏

        I hope they get going for you. I am not familiar with how your government operates (I’ve had my hands full with my own for awhile 🤨) ✌️

        Do they have roll out plan? – each state is different in the United States – states were given jurisdiction here / they had to have their own plans

        How does yours do?

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      2. Yes, to be fair, the vaccines have been developed quickly. Well, we have a plan (vulnerable/care homes/health workers/over 80s etc) it’s just that the implementation is slow. But, hey, at least it is happening 😉

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