Things to know.

That was a day.

I am scheduled to get vaccine on Monday January 18th after work. So next Monday “I HAVE to leave on TIME”!!!!

I am a little nervous but whatever. It will be fine.

We are getting because we work with deceased.

We already have one funeral home – our largest – down. We are helping

Covid deaths are coming in the most they have ever!! I would say more covid than regular normal deaths.

So anyway. They vaccinating us, we are the 3rd tier and then I think opens up? I am not sure? I don’t know how they do otherwise – we go through the board of health.

You need to search the board of health in your area for vaccine info…

This is Sacramento County’s :

I look at Sacramento because that is where I work… but my home is in different County… is through work that I get vaccine, so I have to look at Sacramento

So if you are in United States – look up your local board of health and they should have vaccine information there for you. Hopefully 🙏

(I’m sorry if you are in a different country? I don’t know how you are doing yours) all I could suggest is going to the governments website (hopefully they have one) – I hope you have ways to get information about these things

So anyway – just wanted to share incase people don’t know where to look.

You can also find information about free covid testing

Hopefully 🙏 – but every state (and country) is different… hopefully they updating and putting it out!!

Also I wanted to share something else that some people are not aware of and since there is so much death – some may need to know this… or check on it?

So… in the funeral business … the funeral side – is different … than the cemetery side…

When you say the word funeral – you think of the traditional funeral … but is not that cause even now with little to no services – we still have to coordinate and plan – it is NOT easy!! And still there is a lot to do!!!

Funeral services means – the arranging, however it is you want it … that covers the arranging of what you choose, and all the handling of things like death certificates, permits, paperwork and money.

But for a cemetery… you are paying for the land, digging of the grave and how they prepare the plot… we have packages where we handle all of it for you

Sometimes we get people who swear they have Preneeds and everything is taken care of – but that is not always the case

Something they will just have the cemetery end of it … or they will just have the funeral side?

Some people will actually have both…

Just recently we have a few with only cemetery… so they still have to purchase the funeral side

Nothing in life or death is free ✌️

If you have a preneed – just double check it contains both funeral and cemetery – if that is what desire.

Just telling you – funeral and cemetery are 2 different entities sometimes, make sure you know what you have before someone passes.

Also… let me also add … please note who your next of kin is if you want someone specific or the actual next of kin is unable to handle the responsibility …

BEFORE someone dies make sure you know who is your next of kin and will be making your calls. Make sure is what you want or you need to legally appoint someone else

If you do not appoint someone else – by law we first have to turn to the next of kin… next of kin is your closest blood relative

We have one where someone died … they were over 100… their next of kin is in their 80’s … and can not hold the responsibility ?

The son of the next of kin want to make the calls but by California law we have to follow next of kin.

Next of kin can be tricky

My next of kin would be my children. My oldest is on my healthcare directive to make all the calls for me if something ever went wrong.

I had to lecture him, if I am a vegetable, you pull that plug. It’s ok.

He hated those conversations.

But all 3 are my beneficiaries.

He is just the oldest and the one I want to make those calls on my behalf. (But all 3 for funeral purposes will have say) all 3 would be MY next of kin.

That preneed was bought in 1969!!!! 😮😮😮 so they locked their prices in at 1969 prices!!! 😮 wow!!! Is insane!!

When you plan your funeral you lock the prices to the time you write your preneed. If you get a preneed now in 2021… and don’t die until 2080… your preneed will give you 2021 prices. It becomes cheaper

I know you would be dead and wouldn’t be your problem… but if you have it taken care of … then your family does not have to worry.

Just lets the family be able to relax and actually grieve, instead of worrying how to pay. It’s a hard enough time, you don’t want to worry about money during a loss.

Well anyway… just informing with things you don’t generally think about. Always best to know what you have and I am really big into planning ahead … little by little I do that- ish… I like it a lot 😘✌️ I feel comfort with a plan

I was helping a friend also… he wants a plot… I spoke to cemetery – got him a price and he is digesting lol – he is having little bit of sticker shock

He actually has no children, no spouse and both his parents have died…

So… his next of kin then becomes his brothers or sisters – he has one full sister who would be the next of kin… and then he also has a half sister which would be the “next” next of kin after the full blood sister

He seriously needs to lay out his wishes because he does not want them to have jurisdiction over him… if he doesn’t want that – he needs to get that legally designated as to WHO he wishes to make those calls

I try to easily bring up cause I know he has a hard time and does not like to talk about or deal with death, but to some these things are important.

He just wants to be blind with it I guess? Worry about it later? Not his problem? That’s his prerogative

But if he dies, that’s how it’s gonna go whether he wanted that or not… unless he legally appoints or designates someone

Alright well that’s enough lessons and information for tonight

Be safe!! ✌️

Good night 💤😴🌙

Ps… can you imagine what a person would have seen in over 100 years? 105 actually … so can you imagine everything within that lifetime??? That blows my mind!!!

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  1. Yes, that’s right. Vaccine is important to run our life normally. At the same as you said, there are more covid deaths than the normal. What to do ? We should fight back and return to our normal life.


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