The big long day lol

It’s getting hairy again… crazy busy. We have our own cases and the funeral home that is down – we have some of theirs … and new ones keep coming in.

Today I had a family tell me they think we are their angels because we took a hard situation and we really helped and supported this family through both the death process and also the covid restrictions – we worked with them to help them have peace

We do that for all our families always… and we try extra hard now because families are devastated with not being able to have traditional things- it is excruciating

My funeral home is 5 stars – perfect score – all of our reviews are amazing …

This is our job, we do it everyday – over and over for many families … we know how to comfort and we walk you through everything the best we can…

It’s like a party planner – except is for death. You have to plan the event and with covid and restrictions is just harder

But yeah she called us angels ❤️

She lost her mom, and her aunt to Covid – boom boom … they never thought was going to happen to them and didn’t think anyone in their family would die 😮 (sounds familiar huh?) yeah …

Anyway… I’m glad we gave her some peace with this – she is having a hard time. That was her mom (she also loved her mom like I do)

Anyway… today was just insane – most of the morning I couldn’t even sit down at my desk – just constant things going on!!

I didn’t stop working to eat… I ate while I worked… and then I just needed a break…

So I took a half hour, and went for a walk all by myself.

It was beautiful outside today – oMG – it is January and it is beautiful!! I didn’t even need a jacket ❤️

It was the perfect thing… I got away, had fresh air, sun on my face, peace – it was nice. I had to go back though lol

And then we were talking why are we still dressing up to the hilt? For each other? Cause people generally are not seeing us lol at all … so maybe dress more comfortable ? (Yay) their idea not mine but we can relax it a little – nicely.

No looking like you just rolled out of bed though lol … still look nice – just not dolled up

Right now we just doll up for each other 😄😄

Every day I have staff meeting with my girls at 8:30 to quickly cover everything – before a 9am WebEx with all 3 funeral homes to also coordinate things with them – go over things etc

Tmrw I have this other web meeting 🤨🙄 ugh it’s part of this training thing… so that will suck. I don’t like those

But I also do not like the other training Manuals that are hours long recordings lol omg

They made me watch (I do not know how many) harassment videos … omg … so many!!! They harass me with harassment training videos lol

Every time I think I am finished they like oh wait here is another one 🤨 ok I have to work this job of theirs lol not watch harassment videos

I am a woman – I most definitely know harassment. If you are a woman you are familiar.

I know what it is and know what to do lol … I don’t need to watch hours of training videos on it. But whatever – ok.

Oh and then… I have a friend who hates my job… does not want to hear anything about my business – absolutely zero funeral talk lol 😄✌️

So he called me last week and he wants to use a cemetery that his family has always used. He does not want to plan his funeral – he just wants to buy a cemetery plot near his family.

But he is HIGHLY uncomfortable with death – and I’m sure even turning to me was hard for him? But he does know what I do? And he knows me so that helps a little.. I deal with this stuff so I can help him.

Well they are just as insane crazy as we are!! It took me a week to get a hold of them.

So I got the info he wanted – I have his vitals and info… so I said do you want me to give them your email so you can docusign the documents? And he said , I don’t want anything to do with it … but I want that plot, can you do it for me and I will pay for it lol … then he starts in with I will pay cash lol

It is NOT one of my funeral homes – it is not in my corporation … they are completely separate

We don’t take cash usually and I’m gonna assume they do not either – on rare occasions maybe – but highly rare – check, money order or credit card usually – he said whatever it takes so alright

I will call them back tmrw and explain – I explained the situation today and they were fine with it … so I will have to set that up for him

I think they find it weird I am doing this personally from another funeral home lol… but that is the cemetery he wants and it’s not one of mine.

Also the name of my funeral home is long… so we shorten it to the first part – no one can say the other parts anyway lol

So I always just say “this is Trisha at blah blah funeral home“

It sounds Italian lol … I always feel like I should be back East – it could sound like an Italian pizza place back East?

And today someone commented about it sounding Italian

I find it endearing ❤️ btw … it is Italian ✌️ … one of the original founders was Italian.

Just interesting.

And then… remember the grump old man I used to help – he calls me to check and make sure I’m ok and Vice versa …

So tonight we had been talking for like an hour! … and at the end of the call he said ok Gnite Trisha love you 😮😄

Whatever, so I said love you too – I’ve known him forever and I used to help him… he is elderly… I have known him for over 20 years. And his family … his entire family, also all use MY funeral home.

Literally 2 minutes after we hung up he is calling me back and saying “hey ya know I hope that didn’t bother you I said that?”

I just laughed … it doesn’t bother me… I know what he means when he says… he is like family. So ya know it rolls.

So we went to hang up after he had a panic attack about saying I love you lol… so I said “ok bye love you” 😄😄😄✌️ to which he laughed lol

Funny people

All day I was thrown off by working yesterday! I kept thinking was Tuesday!!

I am going to aim to leave ON TIME tmrw!! I say that everyday – but we so busy – I always stay late

And remember the guy who wanna know me lol …

So he text me earlier … and ya know I am busy… during office hours it’s insane!! It just is! You have no idea!

Anyway we talking … and I couldn’t remember what his schedule was – so we were discussing that… he comes and helps with things when needed.

And he made some comment – and I said “well I never see you”

The other day he came to funeral home to pick up his checks … well I was multitasking with many families at that moment

Sometimes the phone is attached to my face! And I just can’t come out or to door … so one of my girls did and gave him the checks … I never got to come out and say hello… but I am always really busy

And then he said that lol… “well you always busy“

Lol dude!!! It is a crazy time in a crazy business and I just stepped into all of it so yes I am busy

He can’t really be seeing me right now anyway… he can text or call but he doesn’t – sometimes he texts, but then he is so scared? Like he is not sure what I am ok with – I don’t think he is used to someone like me?

And I don’t think he’s my type? Don’t be intimidated – women smell fear lol … don’t do that!!

And then my other issue is – yes … I am busy… but if you aren’t workable around that – then ok.

He always very sweet, but I am busy a lot. But I am building so he can either deal with it or not.

But he ask to get to know me, he knows the work I do and what I do… he has not made any other type of effort except to try to see me…. which I am busy and this is covid so what do you want me to do?

But he makes no effort to chat with me so whatever – on text I can do that because I can see when able – but if you don’t attempt it at all then whatever

I think he is more of a playboy and expects me to be a girl who wants him or something? Yeah no… that doesn’t happen like that

Also… I called my car guy today to try to get into have him take care of my car … but he is completely booked 😮

So next week I will have to go see him.

When I called him today … I said “hey it’s me – I need to come in to have you service car – I am at mileage already

And he says … already??? Lol I saw him ummm beginning of November and I have already hit the mileage 😮

I said “dude I told you I drive a lot lol” he laughed and said he was booked this week – but next week he has time…

So I have to do that. I will be way over mileage by then lol ✌️

Last thing … We are able to get vaccine now… I have to sign up with health department and do that – we just got notification to do it. today.

Alright I have to get to bed. Gnite for now. Back tmrw at some point lol

(Lol… I am not a pro and my business is not that way) but I am always busy 😮


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  1. Really nice of you to help out your friend!! Keep this post in case work gets weird about you giving business to someplace else.

    I was thinking… since you’re so good the the clients, maybe you should consider eventually becoming a therapist (maybe a grief therapist) or life coach!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I got asked to be a life coach that’s funny lol… I kinda want to have my life straightened out before I try to fix other people’s lol

      I would not want to be a therapist 😮

      Grief therapist would be harder than funeral home I think?

      Life coach maybe down the road? We see

      Hahaha and my friend – I talk to the cemetery today – the plot he wants … is expensive … really expensive … like $7,000

      He is in sticker shock currently with my info lol

      You are buying property – this is only the cemetery plot. And this is only the land… he still would need the arrangement aspect and all that.

      So yeah he’s freaking out – I am letting him take the evening to think over lol


      1. I had sticker shock when helping a friend coordinate his mother’s funeral… and she’s already bought her plot!

        I recall that cheap caskets are avail through CostCo.


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