Happy New Year 🎊

We made it… somewhat. All done 2020!! Whew what a year!

I am on call tonight – I have already been getting calls. It’s not even 8pm yet…

I hope people staying away from others just while we get through this – please we being overwhelmed…

It makes me worry because I have read articles and watched documentaries about how bad it got for funeral or mortuary workers during 1918.

You just don’t know!!

Oh please – please listen. Please be careful. 🙏🙏🙏

I had no idea getting into funerals when I did would be like this 😮

There is no moment to really breathe… it is go go go… and we at capacity already – we do have refrigeration trucks … because we need help.

Alright so. Stay home ok? Please don’t have gatherings.

Ya know – perhaps it’s a lesson for the fact you can’t always have what you want?

It’s incredible how 1918 happened and was sooo similar ? But what was learned? Because we socialized so freely not thinking of this sort of shit show 🤨😮 I was blind to see that, in an instant, life can be different


So… I bet you are wondering how today went… my end of year… 😳😮 … obviously – I am still alive ❤️✌️ I have survived ❤️


So after stressing all morning and worrying lol… it was only supposed to be 4 hours – but I worked 8. There was no way that be good in 4 hours – I needed the full 8!!

But I figured it out… and then all the others had the same issue I did …so I was the one who showed everyone else what to do ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Woo hoo lol ❤️

I did it ❤️ woo hoo!! Well “we” did – all the office managers lol – I like this little team! That’s pretty bad ass ❤️

I have good support. Now we talkin. Teamwork – that is awesome!

I keep thinking how funny it is that I work with funerals… never in a million years, would I ever have thought – that’s where I would be…

And then not only that… but I work with numbers, finances, contacts etc… I am not a huge fan of numbers – I hated them and here I am.

Funny how that is

It’s really bad that I am tired at the east coast New Years (which is only 9pm for me)

I might take a little nap ? I will set my alarm – I made it to east coast!! I’m just gonna rest my eyes lol 😘✌️😄 (that is one of my favorite and well used sayings by the way lol ) ✌️

I’m just gonna rest my eyes lol 😘❤️

I will be back

I am on call

I am busy even tonight! We not even there yet and I am busy with calls!! Yes plural!!! I have had many calls already tonight

And they are all for MY girls! 😮 for my home 😮

So I’m gonna sleep for a minute but I will set alarm and be back. I just need little bit of sleep 🙏✌️


It is not New Years for me yet… I am still on December 31st 2020 lol 🤨😄

New Years for me be 2 hours and 45 minutes away.

So I will grab just a quick nap.

I be back 😘✌️

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