Ok listen … let me give you a little reality check ok? Believe whatever you want.

We are starting to really really struggle even with staffing!!!

So first let me tell you how we are… pick ups for people who have died are 25 deep… that means we have 25 people ahead of whoever dies next, to pick up… residences are priority, then nursing homes, hospitals can wait…

And it’s getting worse…

Every single funeral home has FULL BOARDS!!!

It’s nuts

And a family called me today with a covid positive case … they wanted to know if they could do a viewing … well yes, but the person MUST MUST MUST be embalmed because of the Covid – IF you want a viewing.

So you would be paying for both the embalming and then also for the visitation.

Then they asked me if only the covid positive family came to visitation could they skip embalming 🤨😮 …

If you are covid positive you are NOT coming anywhere near the funeral home! Sorry. Not allowed. 🚫 🦠 stay away ✋

Anyway… we are 25 deep when I left at 6pm.

Los Angeles is worse than us… they are now like New York was… where they are calling other locations in the network to please come help…

When you call them you are a very high number in line to speak to someone …

And arrangements … usually those are done immediately… they have so many – JUST TO MAKE the arrangements – the earliest appointment is almost the end of January!! 😮😮

And what happens is … we have all the normal deaths… the deaths that normally would occur. And then on top of that is covid – and yes it is picking up!!! Massive!! It’s like a wave 🌊

So… by giving you this information… maybe you can have understanding when we are trying to help you the best we can. You are not the only family we are servicing. It’s bad

Then on top of that you add restrictions, people spreading and getting sick

I am so sorry for your loss – it is really devastating families!!! Please listen.

I’m not speaking political – fuck politics … please listen. Please be more vigilant – please take more seriously … even if you are in an area that is not hit hard… still please be careful

😳 we are not doing good. We are handling but it’s coming in massive

Please listen to me… here we come on New Years – please don’t gather 🙏 please … go home watch Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin Eve (I don’t care what they call it now – it always be that to me ❤️)

Think of it… you home – all nice and warm and comfy… you can have your champagne and not have to worry about driving … and at home you don’t have to wear a mask…

And come here – I will stay up til midnight for New Years (Pacific Standard Time) … I celebrate New Years at 9pm – which is the actual New Years time because that’s my Eastern Standard Time ❤️… but I am out here in California so I also celebrate at their midnight too 🕛 🥳

And by celebrate lol… I stay up… and watch that Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin Eve… have champagne 🍾… although I have not had champagne 🥂 in a few years… last year?? I think I was house sitting?

And the year before I had cancer… so it’s been awhile. I probably won’t this year either lol – I am on call New Years Eve lol ✌️

Ahhh the life of a Mortuary worker … someone called me that lol… a “Mortuary Worker”… I guess so… I just am not usually referred to as that, with that particular word lol

Ok so… tomorrow is my dooms day 😮😮😮 tomorrow is year end… ALL office managers must work tmrw. December 31 is a day we can never have off lol… it is year end.

I have been working my ass off omg

So tomorrow is my dooms day – if I survive tomorrow – I am golden ❤️ 🙏🙏🙏 I think I will survive lol … pretty confident but we see. I’ve been working really hard – the other office managers help me along using the phone and walking me through, but generally I am on my own with what I am doing.

I am ready for inventory – I am good there! Expenses are all handled… I have been clearing away all claims

Did you know you can use a life insurance policy to help pay for a funeral?

The life insurance policy will pay the funeral home – we just have to file claims on behalf of the decedent and family. I have to make sure all those claims go through.

Invoices accounted for… approving and uploading contracts. Whew.

Then I have currier coming with ashes and death certificates I have to sign off on

Oh AND!!!!… today I kept trying to go to lunch… that was not happening … 12 went by… 1 went by… 2 went by… I just needed to eat something!! I was getting unfocused.

So finally about 2:30… I decide to go to lunch… but we having a decedent being dropped off… so the hearse was in the parking lot… as I went to leave here comes the van… ok… I will go open garage

They pull up and in a little because the neighbors complain about seeing funeral things 🤨… maybe next time don’t buy a house next to a funeral home if you have an issue with that. We were here first

Anyway… the girl damaged the garage door… we had to call someone out immediately to fix that right away!!

Guy came out immediately!!! Boom there… that’s what I like… in business yes … let me see you jump like that!! That is how you work it.

He was fast, easy and cheap!!

The cost was not bad… and I will just code it to the other location not mine lol – it wasn’t us lol – they said I could.

You know – it’s about the numbers – bottom line… so I don’t want that on my location it wasn’t bad. It was garage door… came off track and center piece bent lol

He fixed that in like a half hour… bing bang boom done

So this dude was fast to get to me… boom he’s there…

Ok so far, like doing business

Then he fix really fast!! I thought be longer? 😮 he was fast!! Good at his job!! It’s perfect!

And then, is cheap!! Dude you rock! Fast easy cheap. He did a really good job!! And that would be how you get a customer … so if we ever need more garage door help lol

Also… I talked to the big boss… above mine… who handles the Northern California area.

I was telling him about the internet issues. I basically have full control to get a handle on everything and all the accounts to fix it.

It’s like Christmas lights … you know how they tangle and it’s a big annoying mess ?? That is what this is like. Just one big mess that is not organized – I need it organized so yay… new year.

By next Christmas – I will have us running perfectly!! One year – watch me

So I am home alone. I just hear noises here tonight. 😳 dark, wet and quiet from rain… I can hear someone’s wind chimes in the distance

But every so often?? There is a noise … so I stop everything and pay attention … and nothing happens

I go back to what I was doing and I hear a noise again. I dunno – I am not going outside to find out. Nope I am good

I am just saying because it’s making me weird – just on alert 🤨 all by myself 😝

Well anyway… I just wanted to tell you how truly grim things are looking…

Those words – covid positive … happen more and more!! The families are just devastated … think about that…

They are devastated by the loss – some find it extremely difficult to handle. Their heart is broken and bleeding.

And then it’s Covid so everything is restricted, it’s coming down harder and harder all the time!!

We do what we can but … we can’t do anything!! Most documents and arrangements are electronic/virtual.

You know what covid and 2020 remind me of??? It reminds me of the tsunami 🌊 around Christmas 2004 in Thailand 😮

It’s like at first you don’t really understand what is happening… you think is fine… but it has force and nothing you can do – run fast and pray!! 🙏

When you look back at the year, and what happened with covid and oh just everything… I don’t want to get into all of it – I am American – if you saw the news you know we went crazy 🤨

Ok well … looking back upon all of it and seeing it come like this… it will get worse because of Christmas – it is getting worse

So please – don’t start the New Year out dying!! Please – please believe me. 🙏🙏

Stay safe!! Don’t go breaking my heart ❤️✌️

I just ask you to be distant and careful. I’m sorry it is that way. It’s ok… it is a moment – we will hopefully get past it Alive 😳

So let’s go ahead and celebrate this New Years from home… and stay alive for the New Year!! Wooo hoo! We should do that!!

I will stay up late, we can blog lol, I am on call New Year’s Eve lol

It is now pouring 🌧 rain and windy!! REALLY POURING!!

Oh yeah and I did figure out what that noise was lol… well I had some bags by a window 🪟 in the kitchen. And on the outside of the house there was a small ladder 🪜 … when the wind blew it would make the ladder thud, and the window is drafty – so it made the bags rustle lol

Yeah yeah whatever – I am all by myself 😝 just nervous. Is dark anyway… nice horror movie “type” night!!

I am being sarcastic I do not like horror 😝😝😝 no way, not by myself – that would be all bad lol

I like comedy 🎭 always!!! Comedy is my favorite ❤️

Then I guess action adventure ? Depends 🤨

I don’t like any movie that will make me cry except 1… and omg it still makes me cry!!

That would be Charlottes web. ❤️ I loved Charlottes Web ❤️

That was an intro to death also

💔 just breaks my heart that’s all. You feel that lump and your eyes get teary 🥲

Surprisingly I still love the movie… usually if something makes me cry I do not like it… but that one… I still love that one… They did beautiful job to touch the heart and show life ❤️

Anyway. I have to go.

Tomorrow is doomsday. I am only supposed to work a half day… but it is the 31st. And we so busy!! We see 😮

I begin on call at 5pm tmrw (Thursday) night. And then I am on call until 12 noon New Years Day.

Alright – facing tmrw feeling pretty confident 🙏 I am about to be schooled lol

Ok… bed … I must go there lol ✌️😘

Good night 🌙😴💤

Ps… please listen 🙏 is more than you think. We are almost there just a little longer …

I want to be safe.

Ok I have to get to bed !!! Doomsday coming … Good night for real

(But I don’t feel fine)


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