I am busy!

I am on call until noon …

I have been busy since early this morning … 3am? I have a ton of new calls. ☹️

All morning I been working! At noon I am done til Monday 🙌

It is hard for me not to always think about work when we are so busy like this! We are severely overwhelmed with the amount coming in. I have tons of stuff to always be doing!! It does kill me a little bit to not work

Omg is that the sign of a work-a-holic? But mine is different lol

Mine is people

These are weird circumstances – it is very hard and omg I don’t work until Monday – do you understand what Monday will be like when I walk in after not working for 3 days 😮😮😮 omg

Ok well… Monday will kill me.

Oh boy. Alright … first Monday of the New Year – we gonna see what happens 😳 omg


3 days off 😳

What’s gonna happen is… I will relax and chill by the end of 3 days…

I will walk in all relaxed and chill and ready… and then boom – it just comes

And 3 whole days without being there??? Omg – that is soo hard!! Especially right now!!

So ok. Monday. My new doomsday lol ✌️


Also … people be saying happy new year 🎊

So did Country Boy 🤨 I don’t know his deal?? I do not understand

So my views are no different. Time did not change my mind on that.

And he says my name but he also calls me sweetheart or sunshine. He is country boy so like that.

But I don’t talk to him… I keep telling him no

It’s not that I don’t want him… is just that it won’t work… so ya know.

I am just little straight laced. Protective. ✌️ I am quiet and I just want peace and one other thing.

He has already made clear he can not or does not want that one thing – so ok… and that’s done?

So I don’t understand why the contact. You change your mind?

And even if that was the case… I don’t know how I would even??

He is very different than I am.

Just really really country… down home country… that is hot… but I don’t know

Also politically and with sports (lol) we clash hard … he is Republican 🙄

And I am independent

I just keep my opinions there to myself – because he believes the other way … so I am not sure … not that politics are a thing or anything. But he is very strong in opinions and so am I and I won’t be bullied or owned so that one is weird to me. That could cause issues?

I adore him. He was in my life when my dad was alive … when I was still married (he was just a friend – nothing bad) he has helped me through things

Like the gun thing – and the death of my father and what I have gone through … he’s always been very sweet and kind.

So he’s been there with things – and he is always really sweet …

But I’m sorry… I still stand firm. If he is not meant for me, then I don’t want him. I don’t want to play games or do yo-yo so what want ?

I would rather be alone than not have that one thing I want. So… yeah that’s not going away. I am solid on that.

I think he just check to see if I change my mind? Nope – I have not

Anyway I am busy I have coroners calling me and everyone ever since like 3 am!!

Just wow. I have 20 minutes left – then phones are not to me anymore 🙌❤️ … so many events right off the bat for the new year!

Ok I will be back and not fall asleep!!! Shortly ish ✌️ – am working and handling stuff ✌️

2 thoughts on “I am busy!

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  1. I think country boy was checking to see if you had a change of heat, or a moment of desperation.

    I hope you’re off work and relaxing now.

    How’s the weather up there? Sunny and 70 here today but I slept through it… woke up with severe knee pain and immediately xanaxed myself back to sleep. I’m thinking of doing it again, in a few min.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope I have not… I think the same … because it’s covid.

      I think he feels for me he’s always really sweet… but I do think he just want to make sure he’s on my mind should I think of that?

      He’s sweet but I need that one thing. End of story. Maybe he does not understand how solid that is?

      I am attracted to him – yes – which is precisely why I stay away from him – nope…

      I want one easy thing and he can’t do so. That’s the end of it. Sorry no

      I love him for how ? compassionate he always is with me – he is always amazing with me … and through my cancer and my dads death – he was really amazing ❤️ he’s always very sweet and good …

      But he doesn’t understand the one thing I want so … end of the line – I need that.

      Yup I am … my babies coming ❤️

      We were 50’s and kinda cloudy… little sun … cold 🥶 gonna rain tonight

      I bet the knee pain is the change in weather pattern… the barometric pressure!! When I had my mastectomy I could feel weather changes


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