And then Monday comes

I work today – all day.

We have a weird service today – ONLY 10 at church – outside … 15 minutes … burial is at a cemetery not even close to us 😮😮😮

The burial is 3-4 hours (yes I said hours!) away 😮

So someone be going to Fresno. Lol (it won’t be me lol)

But drive say 4hours down… the burial is also 10 people only and 15 minutes … then they drive and come back lol

So 8 hours for 15 minutes 😮 whoa lol … driving down with a decedent for 4 hours 😮 last road trip ✌️

I will be in office – but should be ok for a Monday??

Our office is not to let anyone in. It is strictly appointment only… if you come to our door we can NOT let you in.

So just deliveries I can open door for or an appointment I am aware of.

Masks at all times.

Sometimes I come home from work and forget that I am wearing the mask still – there have been days where I still have my mask on hours after being home, just because I forgot it was on 🤨😮😮😮

I still like the mask… it just kinda hurts my ears sometimes

And I do not like the kind that go on your head or like turtlenecks 😝

I also discovered – I will never again be wearing turtlenecks or sweaters 😮😳

Dude my breasts are good for my size… they are not like porn boobs … (they are bigger than what I did have but they are not crazy) … but they look like porn boobs in turtlenecks and sweaters 🤨 that sucks!!! But whatever I just won’t wear those anymore – this is times when I am annoyed with boobs lol ✌️

Anyway… today should be nice chill good Monday – please let’s hope and pray for that.

Ok I should go. It’s Monday 😮 here comes the week 😳

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