Country boy texted me … so I am just quiet. I don’t really have a lot to say ?

He was sweet – very nice and polite – said nice things and then happy holidays

But you know… what is the motive? I do not trust him.

So I am just quiet. I am thinking. That kinda threw me off.

I don’t know how I feel about him in my life?

I am not suspicious of other women or anything like that… is something else … and is tied to that one thing I want, so I just don’t think he is the one? I am not letting that go – it’s extremely important to me!!

So I am just suspicious of his motives – that just makes me quiet.

Anyway. Nice Sunday ❤️ quiet

9 thoughts on “Motive?

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    1. Yes had a very nice weekend – just relaxed we stayed in. The virus is too much here – we just stay away.

      Yeah Elvis has some incredibly beautiful & touching songs – that one just fit right. I love his music ❤️ he is classic ❤️

      Hope you also enjoyed your weekend ✌️

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      1. Hahaha why yes… I don’t like all the dying … but I do like some aspects that I will miss – if the dying could just stop!! 🙏

        Maybe we have not learned lessons yet (obviously the United States does not learn lessons 🤨) lol

        But yeah… I don’t totally hate covid – just the deaths. And maybe the distancing? That is hard too.

        Stay safe and well also 🙏✌️

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