Not sure with anything

So there is a job I have to stop by tmrw after work… they said just bring resume.

Is close to me… pay is more … job be more fun, less stress.

There is one possible stress factor… it will take away any privacy I have – makes me just little nervous but it be fine.

I will see if be bad tmrw when I stop by… that will tell me everything

But then … I went to do some input on my log in… and it say my employment status is changed and I need to ok it… ok well no one has said anything so before I agree to anything what is this?

So I would get my full time and benefits – but it just depends are they wanting me to be arranger?? Cause um I do not want that.

So ok tomorrow will be big day for me. Lots of things 😮

I kinda feel shocked because I did not actually expect them to ask me full time … because I am not a money maker.

I am only admin … I am not good with sales things. If they offering full time admin then probably in my best interest to stay.

So what is meant to be will be 😮

I’ll make the right choice 🙏

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      1. Lol yeah alert 😄… that it did!

        I don’t have to leave now ❤️ they gave me what I wanted… everything I wanted and then some! Still smiling!! ❤️ I can’t wipe it off my face!!!

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    1. Well my status went up today ❤️❤️ woo hoo ❤️❤️

      Today went very good, have a smile that I can not get off my face!!! (My smile lights up the entire face so even with a mask you can clearly see I am smiling – but I can’t help it ❤️)

      I got everything I wanted

      Car handled
      Job handled
      Hmm do I need to handle a man?? Lol kidding😄

      What else am I missing? What else do I need?

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      1. Seems very good day for you. I’m happy that your day went perfect. Well now you just need a good sleep to complete the day without any complain lol. Have a good night to you. You must probably done with your dinner lol this is funny I’m having my breakfast right now lol. Hope your dinner was good! I’m having some herbal noodles. ahh I don’t like to eat that I don’t like that smell but nothing to do mum gave me that and I have to eat as I’m running late for class lol. Anyway have a good sleep❤️.

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      2. Yes sleep that would be good lol – I work tmrw but then have weekend off ❤️ woo hoo

        I did just eat dinner lol …

        I am not familiar with herbal noodles but they sound healthy lol

        Ah yes – always eat what mom gives ❤️ hope class goes well!! Study good!!

        Have a great day at school!

        You stay safe! 😘🙏❤️

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      3. I’m not in school. I’m in University. Yah it’s online though but I have peer teaching today. so I’m preparing my notes and all kind of ppts. It’s going to start from 10.30 so going to do my online seminar. Hopefully I willn’t make a mess. Pray for me lol. This is not my first time though to giving lectures online but still i’m more comfortable in offline lol. every time in online I got little worried. okay I have to do it lol.

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      4. Oh good – glad is online for you!!! I will pray for you – you will do good!!! 🙏🙏

        You gonna do amazing … you got that!! I have no doubt you gonna be amazing!!

        Plus we are alike – so you gonna make it amazing ❤️✌️😄

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  1. Yah the seminar went good lol. My professor asking me a bunch of questions regarding the topic and I was like oh my god till when you are going to ask me questions. Oh that was so irritating to answer so many repeated questions after a long seminar. I mean sir I’m tired and you also, so why you’e not asking me tomorrow. I’m not going anywhere lol. But he is good he helped me a lot to finish my paper works. And sometime also help me to preparing notes for my exams so yah very helpful. So though I’m tired and it was irritating to answer so many questions specially after the seminar when everyone going to offline lol. But it’s okay he is nice.

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    1. Hahaha that is a little humorous because I can imagine 😄

      But you remember everything right? He sounds like a really good professor!! You have to drill it in while it’s still fresh lol ✌️


      1. yah remembered everything. luckily I was able to give the correct answers. I think I did pretty well and my classmates also appreciate. Tomorrow is another one on Tigers’ behavioural study. I’m gonna represent my field study papers which I did in Tadoba National park infront of the whole faculty. I’m so much excited about this. Hopefully tomorrow will go good. I’m hoping for the best. Probably you are doing morning stuffs. Oh my god every time I write about this I giggled lol. Anyway good morning to you hope your day is going good.

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      2. Very cool!!

        Oh wow! That’s gonna be really amazing!!! I wish I could watch!!!

        Today went good. I fully start on Monday.

        I giggle with it everytime too … you must be just waking up or will be soon lol… cause the night is coming over here lol

        Good night and good morning 😄❤️❤️❤️

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