The Magic House

This is season 2 (lol) of Mix it up – Play me now ❤️ I always love these ❤️ remember these??

I don’t think it has its own post anymore??? Cause I like to link it lol… but whatever … must be a smaller side thing now lol (I’m only teasing – I just really love these 😄❤️✌️)

He does it 👇

Storytelling My Life For You!

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I never tend to follow the crowd with things lol… I tend to see and take things my own way…

So here are my 10 songs with the theme “magic house” … while I am able 😄✌️ …

Isn’t it true that… you can bring the magic wherever you go?? … whatever home you have…

1.) You can do Magic – America ❤️

And I am American ❤️ I love my home – is always Magic house to me ❤️ both good and bad

2.) America – Neil Diamond

And these songs because the thought of going home and having my mom and brother and sister – would be total magic ❤️ ✨

3.) Mama I’m coming home ❤️ – Ozzy Osbourne

4.) Home Sweet Home – Mötley Crüe

This next song because – given the times and social distancing … you need to make your own magic homes … from a distance lol… like virtually lol

5.) House Party – Sam Hunt

And isn’t home a safe magical place to just escape the world?

6.) Home – Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors, & Bebe Rexha

7.) Home – Phillip Phillips

Magic is in the mind and the memories ❤️ country roads take me home both literally and theoretically…

8.) Country Roads – John Denver

I can see anywhere with a magic view ❤️✨

9.) Heaven is a Place on Earth – Belinda Carlisle

And hello… welcome to my magical house lol …

10.) My House – Flor Ida ❤️😎✌️

I saved one last magic house song… this one is probably the most magical house of ALL ❤️ – yeah I’m thinking that ❤️❤️❤️ while not a music video – does have a song and is one of the most magical places I know ❤️

Ok so that’s it ✌️😘

I have to run cause I have tons to do…

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  1. The 8th song Country roads ❤️this song is my favorite for all time. whenever i listen to this it makes me feel to go to hills and mountains are calling. It’s so mind calming and the melody is so relaxing. Favorite for alltime, anything can happen but the song remain same ❤️lovable and favorite one❤️

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    1. Yes I love that song for its peace also ❤️❤️❤️ I love all John Denver’s song… very peaceful and nature driven ❤️❤️❤️

      Definitely a loved and favorite one ❤️ agree completely!!

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      1. TOO EXPENSIVE!! It’s now over $100/day for 1 park, with a SoCal discount! Fine if you get on rides but in summer you’re lucky to get in 5 to 7 rides in a 12hr day. No longer worth it to me!!

        But it was GREAT when there used to be an annual AIDS fundraiser night in winter. Only 20k people, all gay or gay friendly, everyone happy, easily go on 10 rides in 4hrs. At closing Main St became the biggest cruising scene ever!! I strongly recall being in line for Bear Mtn and hearing the Gay Men’s chorus somewhere ahead of us singing Disney songs. It truly was magic!!!!

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      2. It is REALLY expensive now… Walt Disney would be so upset because he made that as a place for families … and now how do they afford that??

        They do have the fast pass which can help

        Oh yes I have magical memories of Disney also ❤️❤️❤️❤️


      3. No it wouldn’t … because now a “CORPORATION” killed it 🤨 money money money!!

        It would not have gone this way if he was alive.

        I lived 45 minutes from Walt Disney world and Epcot for a moment growing up ❤️❤️ went back in 2001… and omg it’s like it’s very own zip code and all kinds of new worlds lol

        I am East coaster so was always “world”

        Land really sucks when you come from world lol 😄 it’s soooo tiny


      4. I’ve never bern to ‘world’. I grew up minutes from land so it’s expansion of CA Adventures, Downtown Disney, and the main hotel entering into CA Adventures seems massive to me!!

        There have been on/off talks for years about acquiring more real estate.

        I used to drive in that area all the time but since the park expansions and redesigned freeway, I can never figure out which way I’m facing or where I’ll come out!!

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      5. Oh if I ever took you to World!!! You would be like OMG!! 😱 … it could be its own state!! It’s HUGE – BEYOND huge!!! It would floor you

        The very first time I went to Land … I was like what is this baby shit? Lol it’s so teeny tiny compared to world … you can not do world first and then do land 😄 … however since Land was the VERY first… and I like history – that was cool to see – it was just so small!! Even with California adventure and the hotels 🏨

        Where in the land are they gonna find real estate in that area?? 😄😄 they are boxed in… unless they buy up and demolish? Would also depend on zoning etc

        Yeah that area is heavily congested to me.


      6. Yes it does lol totally owns and rules that area 😄❤️

        That would be weird – depends on how large the field is and what they planned for it


  2. A grand selection Trisha, but l was equally fascinated to see you and leendadll discuss what Walt Disney would think about the shape of his legacy today, l may pose that as a question in the next week or so 🙂 All credits awarded of course.

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    1. Yeah … Walt Disney made his kingdoms to bring families together. He was so proud and happy for that… he made an amazing empire with beautiful thought behind it.

      I also understand the cost of running such a kingdom – but they rake the money in and families can no longer easily just go… it is way too expensive

      I just think his initial dream of bringing families together has been lost on a corporation and a society of greed

      My own 13 year old daughter calls Disney a “cash cow” … they charge for every single tiny thing

      You paying for that Disney name.

      But I would never want them to go away ❤️ it’s just sad, like everything connection with people and public lost

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      1. Very true, your daughter is spot on, it has become a major cash cow and in truth whilst these theme parks are expensive to maintain, there is never any need to cash in on a brand like they are, but so too do many big brands. It’s a very interesting topic though.

        I have been to Disneyland Paris, but in all honesty, theme parks don’t appeal to me in the way they do to others – l think they are very much for children and of course their families for the children.

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      2. Or children at heart 😘❤️😄✌️

        But yes this is for bringing families together not capitalizing on that. Everything is money money money… what happened to the heart ❤️?

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