What is this holiday tmrw??

We do not have that here??? Singles Day 😄😄😄 thats hilarious … you buy gifts for yourself?? Lol

You celebrate people who are not in relationships ??? Omg that is brilliant lol … why do we not have that holiday???

Everyone needs to tell me of their awesome holidays, I might not know of …so that I may make them holidays in my life! lol 😄✌️… just the fun awesome ones 😘

I just learned of this today – cause my phone beeped me about something with the stocks and it said something about 11/11 Singles day 😳😄 I had to Google what that was

So I will now be celebrating that 😄😄✌️… maybe … I might have to postpone it currently – we see – I am very new to this holiday?? And I get busy lol

Good excuse for self care ✌️❤️


Also… remember the Obit ?? I didn’t buy the paper but I checked it out online… wow… she did have a wonderful life… she worked for same company my dad did 😮❤️ I was not aware

So ok … now I see why so expensive … and was like a page long 😮

My people won’t do that 😄 … I will have to do my own… then I can have the last words ❤️✌️ say what I want said 😘❤️✌️

Plus I do not want my people picking my photo or my music… I will have that all prepared for them lol… easy. I have not done that just yet… but I think that is a good idea to have ready to go!

Anyway… I had to take the hearse to Firestone today 😄 – it needed check up and something fixed?? I dunno whatever.

I usually do not go outside the car or funeral home so no one really sees me. Totally hidden away ❤️✌️

I am able to doll up and dress up for work… today had a nice black plaid mini skirt, with cute black top that accents all curves … and then of course my black jacket… I also had thigh high boots… it was cold so I was insulating legs lol 😄✌️ did not expect to be out in public 😳

I usually leave my home… drive to work… work all day… drive to and from whatever home if needed… then drive home. So ya know, I just don’t see anyone lol… I do not mind that …

Because otherwise …

And getting out of a hearse is evidentially NOT EVEN a deterrent ??? what?????

Whatever 🤨🙄😑

I like that I can dress up and get all dolled up for work… I only see the families sometimes. But “usually” I do phones, paperwork, ashes, the admin stuff

I never have to deal with… ya know the attention, I haven’t had to deal with that in a long time ❤️… who’s gonna hit on me at work – at a funeral home – no one is gonna do that 😄😄 you would have to have some pretty massive balls to do that 😄😄✌️

But yeah… going out in public looking all hot just asks for it 🤨😑 … I can’t just do that without issues!!!

Whatever – hearse is not a deterrent 🤨 I think the hearse drew the initial attention and then I got out 🤨🙄


I get to have tmrw off ❤️

But I have a thousand things to do!! So gonna try to get everything situated ? But not too sure how that be going??

I will not dress up tmrw lol 😄✌️

Maybe this? … this is several layers … wool (black) tights … the white stripes are the top of wool socks lol … and I just put the skirt there because is soooo much black lol… there are 2 black shirts there also lol

Lol… I need other clothes – not just black lol – what happened to my closet??? It didn’t used to be all black!!! What??? It used to be all cheerful and colorful… most is now black lol

Black is classic… and can make you look slim.

But I just did not realize exactly HOW much black I have lol … my summer clothes are NOT black 😄😄 so how is it, that everything else is?? Lol

Only in summer I am colorful, cheerful and bright 😄😄 how funny is that?? All other cold seasons – I wear black – I’m mourning for the loss of summer 😄😄😘✌️

Huh lol that is funny 🖤❤️

Anyway… I be back shortly

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    1. For us it is also Veteran’s Day and a public holiday. Honoring military veterans and those we lost.

      I had just never heard of the Singles Day lol… it seems like Valentine’s Day for the single person 😄😄

      I know me too!!! I love that song ❤️

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  1. lol I’m on my off day and then you mentioned this holiday and I just googled it. Oh my god that’s my day to celebrate lol. Fortunately i’m also in home today but now I can celebrate for myself only in every year on 11th of nov lol. Hope your day also went good. probably you’r in deep sleep right now lol. Anyway have a good sleep. Oh my god everytime this time factor make me guffaw lol.

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    1. Hahaha right??? I was not aware of this either!! Lol … it’s like having a Valentine’s Day to your own self 😄❤️

      Yes my day was better 🖤 but it’s hard on all my girls. But we workin it best we can.

      So you must be preparing for your evening and bedtime cause I am just waking up 😄

      I think it’s so funny because you are exactly 12 hours in difference ?? So it perfectly makes us opposite in time 😄😄

      You will celebrate New Years before me 😮😄😄 … I will be left behind in 2020… while you be in the future 2021 lol

      It makes me laugh every time too – it never gets old 😄😄❤️


    1. Well we have Veterans Day here today also… but I am not going anywhere to really celebrate – I think of and remember them ❤️🇺🇸

      And I had never heard of singles day before?? 😮

      I do have to handle some errands and things for myself because I have been working a lot.

      I will probably buy maybe a special treat or something that would make me and daughter smile?

      Are you celebrating?

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      1. Yeah I am saving my biggest most excited celebration for New Years lol 🙌😄 🍾 🎉 🥂 2020 be over!!

        Well we should do something nice and kind for ourselves once in awhile 😊❤️ it is a nice holiday for self care?

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    1. Yes Veterans Day for us 🇺🇸❤️ no parties or anything though ☹️

      Yeah I like this Singles Day thing – that’s pretty cool ✌️❤️


      1. Well not Valentine’s Day – I like that Singles Day thing… is separate and unique and great idea ❤️

        I like that idea also – just to have fun as women!!

        We should probably bring our “Leave me Alurns” 😄😄✌️😘


  2. Is that pic you? That’s a young 20-something body. If it’s you, no wonder you’re constantly being hit on!! Geeezzz…

    I suspect attractive + hearse actually triggers something in a lot of guys. Girls too.. but they’re usually less overt when flirting.

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    1. Hahaha awww yes that is me… and yes I can still fit into my high school clothes ❤️ lol … I have very good genes 🧬 in that way. I still look the same as back in the day.

      Thank you ❤️

      Also now with the very round fake boobs 🤨😄 that does not help my matters lol

      Hahaha well it was just like omg… all heads turned and it’s busy and in the city – guys who are bold will try to talk to me… I do NOT respond to the “hey baby” or other slang type hellos 🤨 yeah try again with class

      And omg they all have to try 🤨

      One did not even speak any English … I don’t know what he was saying but he getting down on one knee in front of me saying something ??? And holding out his hand to me… What ????

      This is why I liked being married and this is why I now hide away…

      It is flattering sure – I appreciate that and sometimes makes me smile 😊 sometimes can be funny

      But it can also be extremely overwhelming … very extremely.

      I have always had issues

      Boys noticed me at 11… Had my first stalker at age 16… have had stalkers ever since so am careful

      And sometimes I just want to blend in and not be noticed … I have wanted a Harry Potter cloak forever!!!!

      I am just more quiet? And just do not like to draw attention – but I just do all the time 🤨

      That’s why I stay hidden away ❤️😘✌️more peaceful ❤️


      1. Have you considered wearing a fake wedding ring? I know it won’t deter all but some. And you could just show it as a reply.

        One of my sweetest flirtations was an African guy who ran across a gas station to say hello and hand me his number. I can’t recall what country he was from but I knew it was one with a matriarchal society and where men like “plump”. I was quite flattered. Not enough to call…

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      2. I have tried that … even when was married didn’t work and that just makes them try even harder 🤨🤨

        If a man is already in my company – then that is a deferent MOST of the time

        I am never rude … I don’t think? Sometimes I just have to keep walking but ya know – I just like to stay hidden … then I have peace ❤️

        I also don’t want to ever miss the right one either 🤨 so I dunno ??!

        I be back – I have to run out 😘❤️✌️


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