We see…

I worked today, but I was so busy at work… that it was over before I even realized! 😮😳

We had a huge huge funeral last week, it went off amazing… sweet sweet family… they came and picked up death certs… was a little sad because you know, the death is still fresh – so the pain is too. That’s hard – I want to hug sooo bad… she had tears in her eyes!!! But a hug is not ok, so I can’t – that is hard.

I could only comfort with words.

And then… we had a zoom meeting today so of course – I am complaining because I have to be on camera 😝🤨👎 … so invasive – I hate that

Dude I am at work!!! Do you REALLY need to see me??? I am uncomfortable with that… I hate that!!!! They know what I look like!!! Why is it so important to actually SEE me??? They have my fricken photo – is that not good enough?

So… I don’t like zoom meetings lol … and I was complaining before the meeting started…

Until my coworker 😄😄… says here let’s just put you at the beach… you can be at the beach 🏖… and she did something – and I was at the beach 😮😄😄❤️

Then I was happy 😄😄 you have no idea how hilarious that was – I dunno was like a green screen thing or something – it put me on the beach 😄😄

But sometimes – it would make me disappear? Lol and at one point my manager says – where are you? And someone says – she’s probably in the water or getting margaritas lol 😄😄❤️❤️ I was right there but it colored me out of the shot – so I really liked that lol… I was only there sometimes lol

If we can do meetings like that, then ok I won’t mind the camera as much cause you distract me with the beach and that was really really funny 😄❤️ that was brilliant

This was the beach I was virtually at today 😄😄❤️❤️❤️


Sorry leendadll – don’t listen to the song lol – it was just awesome to match my virtual beach visit today 😄🏖❤️

I did NOT know you could make zoom fun!!!! They are not going to let me do that all the time… I actually like it so they are not gonna let me do that – I have way too much fun and laughter during a meeting lol – that is not allowed 😄😘✌️ whatever – today I got away with it… and I didn’t complain after that…

If he wanna see me – let me be on the beach lol – I’m cool with that

It was different and had my attention like that. Otherwise I don’t like it lol – funny how that is. One simple perspective

It’s covid – they should just let me. They have my attention that way lol… otherwise I spend the whole meeting trying to get out of the shot and not wanting to be in it – or wondering how I can break the camera lol- waiting for to be over – I pay less attention cause those meetings suck and I hate being on that camera !!!

Today I liked it because of the beach!!! Just let me do that lol … it makes it better!!!!!!!!

And then 😄😄😄 my coworker is a Trump supporter – but I enjoy her and she’s hilarious and we respect each other’s views and opinions – she is kind and has her views but never pushes them on me – and I do same… we laugh a lot – shes awesome!

Anyway 😄😄 remember the guy friend he text and say he voted lol … so she texts him back and says “yay to another 4 years” 😄😄😄😄 which then sends him into a tizzy and he sends a funny face 😄😄 but it’s really funny – we tease each other

We were all joking.

We had a lot to do so only momentary jokes. Mostly work… I was ordering books and handling calendars, death certificates, deliveries, calls, families etc etc

I also voted … just gonna see what happens … what is done is done after today. 🇺🇸 we see


I have tmrw off… not doing a damn thing! Maybe – that is my plan??? But I do always say that, and I end up doing stuff 🤨 … can I just be at the beach?? Lol 😘

Anyway – woo hoo… no work tmrw… no plans … woo hoo!!! A day of nothing … “maybe” 🙏🙏🙏 we see 🤨 I am not feeling confident I will do nothing

Well I’m off to read for little bit and then probably sleep 💤

Good night 😴 💤 … and good morning 😄😘❤️✌️


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  1. I have to Zoom with video tomorrow morn. GAAAHHHH!! I can’t use backgrounds but am hoping to find a beauty filter cause it will be a bunch of strangers. I mean, I’m not pretty IRL… video is even worse!! WHHHYYYYYYYYY are they requiring vid?!?!?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh 🤦‍♀️

      I just do not like the video aspect of technology for the work place 😝

      I don’t mind what I look like on camera – that’s not my problem… the issue I have is I just hate it lol … I feel is invasive and not needed … it’s dumb for me to sit there and stare at everyone and then my focus is not at all on the meeting itself – I retain nothing other than how much I hate zoom meetings and do not want to do!!

      If you just use the phone I am focused – fine with phone meetings

      I am always dressed up and look really nice at work… I just don’t want to be on camera 🤨😠 they force it – I rebel … I am good worker and work very hard – you got issue with me not being on camera oh well – fire me then. ✌️

      I am not trying to be on camera or I would move down to LA and try to be actress – otherwise I don’t want that bullshit – yeah I feel that strongly

      So whatever – fire me then

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      1. I don’t care about anyone judging me? My thing is peace and privacy / I don’t like to be forced. It makes me uncomfortable but yet they force it.

        I kinda saw your YouTube thing – I thought you were actually very pretty.

        You could wear a mask? Would that help? Who cares what others think? They either gonna accept or like you as is – or not

        If not – then they not really worth caring about then.

        I think you are pretty awesome 👏❤️


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