The vibe you give??

My grumpy old man… he called me today… I was working – I didn’t see my phone… I didn’t realize he called until I was off work… I called him back… he just wanted to chit chat…

I did chit chat… I thought I was normal?

He call me later and say you sure you ok? You seem stressed 🤨🙄😄 yes I am fine – I am always stressed – but I’m ok ❤️ thank you for checking ❤️❤️❤️

He’s my little grumpy old man… but see … he has a heart cause he cares – he checking on me and making sure I’m ok ❤️ (I am) but that is very sweet ❤️ my little grumpy old man has a very sweet heart!!

And then … my neighbors … 😮 the want me to come over for dinner and order from the most expensive restaurant around 😮😮😮 …

I say umm that’s too expensive … you don’t have to do that (I am not really sure why they want me over for dinner but whatever) they isolate – she has medical issues

I tell them no need but they insist lol… they are also very very sweet…

They say if you don’t want the expensive restaurant then how about this other one then?

The other one is ALL seafood stuff 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝 no!!! Not that one … I will take expensive!! Yuk seafood lol

So we gonna have the expensive one … I kept saying you don’t have to do that… and she says is ok “he’s paying for it” her husband lol

Ummm still – but they sweet – very sweet kind people. They don’t have to do that? ❤️

But tmrw at 6pm I will be doing things lol

See it just happens lol

I am fine… you don’t have to worry or think you need to cheer me up… I am fine.

My landlord and her sister checked on me yesterday and said … are you ok? We haven’t seen you

Ok I go to work early – I don’t get out til 5! And it gets dark before I get home lol … I am exhausted – I go to bed… wake up back to work

I still live there lol … I am around to sleep lol – you just don’t see me lol – I am busy… and when not working … I am doing car stuff, lawyer stuff, other jobs stuff lol … they must miss me lol ❤️

I love that I have people that worry and care – that is really sweet … little funny cause they all think something is wrong lol 😄 … nothing is wrong – everything is fine … just winter 😝😄✌️ and busy

Why do they think there is issue? I am confused … lol

Everyone is checking on me and making sure I am happy and ok lol ❤️❤️❤️ see the amazing people I have ❤️❤️❤️

But I am ok… just for the record 😘✌️

Oh yeah and that’s another thing… lately people being weird… asking me stuff like “you seeing anyone” “do you go out” … umm no and no – covid? Lol what???

And then when I say that??? I get weird responses lol… like oh don’t you miss it? Not really lol … I don’t think about it- I am busy lol

One even went as far as to do this thing for me 🤨🤨🤨 I don’t know 🙄 is some spirit thing or something she thinks works ? Or whatever I don’t know

She send me this picture and says – do you know him? 🤔 uhhh no? I don’t think so? Should i?

And she says “yeah that’s your future” 🤨🙄😄😄😄 what???

And then she tells me the story

So she gives this person my first name and birthday… and they drew a picture of someone who be in my future 🤨🤨 what??? really?? 🤨🙄

Yeah ok whatever – I made a comment about the picture looking young and she says “oh he could be younger or older” 🤨 what???? I’m so confused lol

And she tells me “study the face – you gonna meet him” 🤨🤨🙄 What??? Lol whatever …

Ya know… how you gonna be depressed or have anything wrong when people love you and make you laugh like that 😄😄❤️

But I am not… I am totally fine

The past few days they make me wonder… do I “SEEM” sad, stressed, depressed or lonely ????? Lol … they don’t even see me currently… lol… I thought I was seeming happy funny and bubbly?? Lol ??? I am confused … it has to be cause I don’t see them much?? I used to see them all a lot … but I am handling things

So I dunno? I love that they care ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ appreciate very much ❤️❤️❤️

But I am actually ok 👌 I am soooo not sure what vibe they are picking up?? Or where concern is from? Weird

4 thoughts on “The vibe you give??

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    1. I know 😑 … it’s telling me I need change – I know – I am working on it lol

      Focusing on job area now. It’s just the moment. I am not supposed to be stressed and killing myself like this but ya know – I have no choice right now until I find something else

      I will get it done. Rome wasn’t built in a day ✌️ … but I also know life does not freely give time 🤨😑

      I’m working on it lol

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