Darkness 🤨

So this morning was a bonus… woo hoo daylight savings time!!! I forgot to set my alarm and that actually worked out perfectly for me this morning lol … bonus for me ❤️

Morning was busy – afternoon was chill… got stuff done.

La la la… I go about my day like it’s a normal day… I was all pleased from the daylight savings bonus this morning lol …

But then… later … I realized it starts getting dark around 5 now 🤨 oh yeah winter 🤨 😝

I also realized how creepy it is to be in a funeral home in the dark … bleh!!! Not too fond of that… I know it’s totally normal, but I just don’t like it.

Then my entire drive home on all those highways 🤨… yeah!! In the dark 🤨 makes it 100 times worse!!! I don’t like that either

I like to be home before dark. And then driving on my country roads in the blackness (no street lights only my headlights) 🤨 I have to go MEGA slow because there are “creatures” of all kinds who come out at night 🤨 they either stand in the road looking at me🤨 … or they dart out kamikaze style 🤨

I completely forgot about the get dark early thing …

Also… makes me want to go to bed early lol

Ugh so December 21st is shortest day … least daylight – after I make that hump… then it’s all good after that!!! Heading towards spring at that point 🙏 … I always know once I get past that… I have made it through and then the light comes back more again ❤️

I would never survive living in Alaska … omg I do not know how they do 100% cold and darkness … that would be terrible to me!!

And then in summer they are 100% daylight … could I do that? I don’t know? I don’t think so? I don’t think my body would like that? I would not adjust well – I DO need some darkness

I want to add a winter song 😝😝😝 … that is hard!!!

So first I thought this would be a good one 😝😝😝


But that makes me totally remember winter fully 😝😝😝 everything about that song is pure winter 🥶 – and when this version came out… it was November 1987 😝😝 so it reminds me of those memories at that time – heading into winter 😝😝😝 – I was 15 😮

Ugh – ok let me try another…


Ok that’s a little bit better – but only slightly 🤨 I AM in California … I’m still gonna have winter… I am Northern California … it still gets cold… yes it does!!! Not yet… but it will!!! It isn’t severe like some places – I just like to be warm

Ok there has to be a winter song that is not going to make me dread …

Ok maybe this one…


😄😄😄❤️ ok that worked lol …it’s not actually about winter – but it makes me laugh❤️❤️ like instantly 😄😄 … it says the word Ice so close enough 😄✌️ it works for the current purpose

Let’s just go with that one. If I can’t have sun and warmth… I want fun or something happy. ✌️❤️

Here is the perfect song for how I feel about SUMMER!! Lol …


8 thoughts on “Darkness 🤨

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  1. I was exhausted all day due to time change. I fell asleep early and to my surprise woke up at 2am (my new “thing”), new time. It’s going on 4am. I’m scrolling, listening to a fog horn, and hoping I fall back asleep before dawn (though I never do).

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    1. Yeah I didn’t really mind the time change – UNTIL the darkness early aspect 😝 that’s gonna suck!

      Well for now… I’ll find another job and then won’t be 4 highways – that’s what kills me!!!

      Yeah once I’m up – I am usually up – but this is Monday 😳 I am tired already… but about to have a cup of coffee… is brewing… I am zombie 🧟‍♀️ lol… still waking

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  2. I love winter though. 😂 We have dark here in 5.30 at evening usually in summer the time is 6.30, so not soo much changes. Although we have still autumn here the celcius is still the same as the it was at the beginning of october. I live in the Eastren south of the country where the summer and winter both are not too much hot or cold so yah suitable weather on 365 days lol. But in other part of the country, weather changes drastically. Anyway good morning to you❤️ hope the day will go good. My body is completely melted on my bed lol. Hope i have a good sleep too lol🤣

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    1. You make me smile all the time ❤️

      I could do without winter … fall would be fine lol 😄✌️

      The sun starts to set around 4:45… and by 5:15 completely dark – it will eventually be dark by 4/4:30 😝😝😝 omg!! Yuk!

      And then by 6 you ready for bed 🤨 hate the darkness early stuff

      In the summer… it can stay light until 9/9:30 ❤️❤️❤️ ahhh just dreaming of summer nights ❤️ I love summer nights ❤️

      California is pretty mild with seasons compared to other areas of the United States … although California is HUGE and has many different areas with different terrains and different climates. The United States is even bigger lol … many drastic differences in climates, terrains and areas

      Lately our days have been beautiful… sunny and perfect temps – just gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

      At night dips down a little. But that’s ok – I turn the heat on lol

      We have been around mid to low 80’s (Fahrenheit) … 29c?? So is still nice

      We have not hit the cold yet… I will complain – you will know 😄✌️

      When I was in Massachusetts – that winter weather is brutal!! Snow constantly!! Omg… so yeah I moved to California 😄✌️ far far away

      My day did go very well ❤️… how was your sleep? Lol … while you sleep I am busy in my day… and while I sleep, you are busy in yours lol… so funny❤️

      I be going to bed soon – not yet… but soon lol

      You have a great day ❤️😘✌️

      Ps … when I wake up tmrw morning … it is Tuesday 😳😮 … election 😳😳😮


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      1. Well we are going to see… it really could go either way – I am hoping that things go ok 🙏🙏🙏 but I have no idea what is going to happen 😮😳

        That will be everything on our news and tv today 🤨 we be just buried with election news and talk

        Ok well… here is Tuesday 😳😳😳 🙏🇺🇸🙏 omg please go well! I don’t know how soon we will know.

        Hope you have more good sleep again 😄😘✌️❤️

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