Count on me

So… you know how the closer you get to someone… the more you can see?

And then also…

You know how, in life, you sometimes cross the paths of others either because you need them or they need you??

Well I worked today … was good day for a Monday – was not over my head insane…

We did have a memorial going on today. I got to work with my favorite guy again!! I just enjoy him… he makes me laugh… he is one of those people you just enjoy?? He is funny and animated 😄… he’s just great

Today he came in all panicked… over something with his car… so I know car problems lol… he had high anxiety today with that… but I kinda did what he does for me…

I had him laughing and relaxing and not worry to much with the stresses coming at him with car

He called his Dad anyway 😄😄 the one that thinks I am hot 😄😄… he tells me his dad keeps saying that, and he’s like dad please stop saying that 😄😄 meanwhile I find it hilarious 😄😄❤️❤️❤️ he tells me … ya know there are things you don’t want to hear your parents saying 😄😄 he is so funny 😄😄 – yeah I find that really funny!

I said I’m gonna tell on you and tell him you have been relentlessly teasing me all the time 😄😄😄 I have way too much fun with it 😄❤️ lol

Anyway… his dad was on way over to come look at his car 😄… and knew I was there also 😄😄 it’s just too funny!!

But he pulled me aside and told me something, he needed help with something he didn’t want his dad to see 😳

I think… I think he is hurting? I think he’s kinda struggling? I just kinda saw a bigger picture today… I really like him… I think he’s a really cool person…

I think he is lonely, and I think he is sad, and I don’t think he has very many umm sincere amazing friends around him?

Anyway let me continue…

I went to help him hide his stuff, but he had already done it… I felt um… concern? Cause I really like him. For one minute – my heart kinda sank? Not because of that… maybe a little? But more so… because I think he hurts. I think he tries to hide that?? I could almost totally see his soul today 😮

So his dad comes – his dad is always there whenever he needs – they are close and it’s very touching to see.

His father loves him very much ❤️

His dad is always very sweet, very gentlemanly. Kinda shy lol

They fix his issue. And he is relieved… my guy friend is off work so he leaves with his father.

He text me as I was leaving work and tell me car issue was not as big as he thought and everything would be ok 😄 lol…

And then he just went into this heartfelt message about how his dad is always there for him and loves him so much!

So I just kinda felt something?? I felt like… the way he said that… I think he feels like all he has is his dad ?? Which is great, but ya know… friends are good too.

So I just said well ya know, if you ever need anything – we are friends… you can always text or call if you need anything. You need good sincere friends too.

Anyway, we been texting tonight – he is very sweet funny and he is really a great guy… I just think he is hurt??? There is something??

I think he just simply needs a friend. A friend who wants nothing from him or anything like that… just a friend to unload on or laugh with? That helps keep strength sometimes ??

I didn’t really realize he was hurting ? Until today… it was what he wanted me to help hide from his dad and the way he pulled me aside and told me about it 😳 I had said… you know you can call me if you need to talk or need anything

I still REALLY like him, and REALLY enjoy who he is…

It’s funny … those who have the most pain – are the funniest people… that is what we use to hide that pain – is better to laugh, than have that pain.

Just interesting… I think he just needs a really good friend.

Maybe I was meant to cross his path for a reason??

I like him – I know pain… if he needs help with pain… I can do that. I know how to take it away 😘✌️… most of the time lol … I’m not a miracle worker lol 😄✌️

But I just think he is sad- I felt a sadness?? And I don’t usually get that from him?? Little by little I am seeing him 😮

See what happens when you let me come close?? Lol … I start to see. But I suppose we all do when you be friends or around someone enough – it’s how you click

Anyway… I don’t like when people I adore have sadness – I want to make it better ❤️

So we see – I just left it as if he needs a friend or anything you let me know.

We all need good friends ❤️✌️

People… my friends … were amazing when I needed that. When I needed a shoulder – they were there, when I needed a laugh they were there, when I needed hope they were there

So yeah… I think he needs someone? And he made a comment how much he just loves the friendship more than he has ever in his life

He’s gay so he is not into me.. at all… so is non threatening and I don’t need to worry about that aspect. It’s just peaceful friendship ❤️ I like that

Anyway… I enjoy him also, I enjoy the person he is. He is very delightful!

Alright so that’s everything going on today

I work again tmrw – no days off yet.. I only work until noon … and then “I vote” 😳😮😳 whoa … it’s tmrw 😳😳😳 you people ready for this? Whoa!! I don’t know if I am lol … ok please don’t let Tuesday go insane 😳😳😳 🙏

Alright Gnite

I be reading for little while before bed


12 thoughts on “Count on me

Add yours

    1. Yes actually – very much ❤️

      I just get a sense of a person or a vibe and then I am also observant with behavior… and then the things I have been through too. I am empathetic.

      I can definitely feel someone’s heart/emotions

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      1. Well yes… but in general not just work… “in my life”, I kinda think that’s important?

        I like it better when you can connect with someone. And when you care for people in your life – I just think is important.

        I know what is like to need that connection myself- and I remember how that kept me strong through things … and with covid AND technology – there is such a disconnect.

        I don’t like people to be in pain like that

        But anyway, I am just caring

        You do have to be caring and thoughtful in this business – but I was like that before ✌️😘

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      2. I don’t usually do fast food? But for lunch today I had Firehouse Subs 😮😮 I had a steak and cheese … OH MY GOD!!! SOoooo Yummy!!! So firemen know how to cook lol – fricken yum!

        I was not expecting to be amazing – and it was 😮 kinda blew me away!!

        The only problem was, it was so good and so filling – I just wanted to sleep after lol – but I was at work lol

        Did you go get Popeyes?

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  1. I’m so sorry that he loves, and feels loved by, his dad but does not feel safe to be totally himself with him. I’ve see that sooooo many times. Hell, I lived it… Joel didn’t come out to me till almost a year after I knew he was gay because he was so afraid I would reject him. I remember the first time he forgot to remove photos before I visited his house. I didn’t say a word… acted like I didn’t realize the pics were him with boyfriends When he finally came out to me, we spent the following 3 nights talking till midnight. And many months after that clubbing at gay bars and changing both our lives.

    I hope your friend finds happiness!!

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    1. Yeah… well it’s not that… he is definitely out and doesn’t hide that or feel ashamed or anything – he has a brilliant spirit ❤️

      But… I think someone he loved very much hurt him – ALOT… someone he trusted

      Today we were laughing and talking blah blah blah… and he mentioned someone – he’s mentioned this guy before but today kinda more in depth … and the way he spoke of it… I could sense ALOT of hurt.

      His father knows he’s gay and accepts him – no problem … it’s not even an issue…

      However I do not think he is comfortable talking to his dad about his relationships or maybe the dad uncomfortable with that? I don’t know

      I think he in pain from this person he loved – I think he copes … and I didn’t expect him to pull me aside and show me stuff today… so my heart broke a little for him… think he totally just needs a friend – I don’t think he has anyone to just “be there”? So I just offered – I enjoy him a lot…

      I would rather him – enjoy a friendship – than cope in a bad way… if he needs a ear or a shoulder – I’m here

      He’s a cool guy, great person – but I just think he is struggling ?? I think he is depressed?? I dunno I just got that vibe today and just things ??

      I hope he finds happiness too… So we see 😔🙏 I just don’t like people being in pain like that

      I was kinda like a deer in headlights there for minute 😳😔

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