It’s only 51f right now 😮 but with the crazy wind the “real feel” is 42f 😮 I am whimpering

I keep checking the power company and so far no power shut offs for us 🙏🙏🙏 oh please stay that way 🙏🙏🙏

Ok… so … have work today 😳 … it’s a “Monday” … ugh Monday’s and coldness!!

This winter isn’t starting out well if I am already moaning! 😝

Ok have to get ready for work… btw… I love that song ❤️

Bleh coldness 😝

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  1. Lol, in India it is still warm. Before November the temperature will not come down. But I love winter. Because here we get only 3 months of winter ( Nov to Jan ). This is the only time we can wear jackets and sweaters. Rest of the year remains too hot.

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    1. Ahhhh heat!!! Does not sound bad right now lol… during the fires it did lol…

      Our winters are not very long either… I just don’t like being cold, and not really the biggest fan of winter clothing lol… meh

      I suppose I can deal… but I would prefer if was spring already lol 😄😘✌️

      I know it will only get colder before my spring comes 😝

      It was a sudden drastic drop in temps for us… I need a slow lead in 😄😘✌️

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  2. Cold winds and fires already started… 60,000 people told to evac Irvine. The fire is all around my last job. I can’t smell smoke but my throat started getting sore about an hour ago and a headache hit as I was typing this.

    I hope you keep power!!

    Daytime temps here are expected start going back up today but nights are going to be cold for awhile longer.

    Stay safe. Stay warm!!

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    1. So far – still have power ⚡️
      I keep checking to see where they shutting off – so far nothing scheduled for us

      😮😮 yeah I heard of all that down there – are you safe? How is it tonight?

      You stay safe down there!! 🙏😳

      Staying warm, as much as possible. That was a drastic dip in temps… it needs to slowly introduce me to cold not just be like boom 💥 hot and cold like that!!!

      I be back tmrw to read and stuff ✌️❤️ i am exhausted


      1. I’m, as always, far from the fires. Other than a pretty strong allergic reaction to either the smoke or stuff blowing in from the desert (used to happen a lot when I worked in Irvine), I’m fine and safe.

        I’m glad you still have power! Local power apparently sent a letter early this morn that their lines might have triggered the Silverado (Irvine) fire.

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      2. Good glad to know you are safe. Whoa – I just looked it up … 100,000 currently fleeing under evacuation orders … and was that power line a PG&E power line? 😠 I hate them!

        Well that is not good at all, that doesn’t even sound slightly contained!! You must be getting some really heavy smoke there 😮😮

        Definitely stay safe and stay inside!! At least is not over 100 degrees BUT those winds not good for that at all… that’s very scary !!

        We ok up here – knock on wood!!! 🙏 I hope stays that way!! I am so tired of fire this year!!


      3. I haven’t seen updates yet so thx for the 411. Ours are SCE lines. If I understand it correctly, it was an anchor line that broke and hit the power lines.

        I’m sooooo far from nature that I don’t have to worry about natural fires.

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