I am still alive

So far so good!!! No one has come to see me today – woo hoo!! Is going well- nothing really to report. (Knock on wood)

Other than I am very cold 🥶 we are only 72f… aka 22c

I really hate Celsius, it sounds sooo cold to me!!! I like it to sound a little warm-ish!! Especially when I am cold.

But yeah it’s cold!!! (To me)

I don’t think I am ready for winter yet. I am not adjusting to the temperature decrease very well 😮

I am purple blotchy with goosebumps and my hands are freezing!

I am most definitely a summer girl ☀️

Been using the heater at home past 2 nights!! And believe it or not 🤨… we are under fire watch/warning from today 8am until Tuesday 1pm (in my country area) because of the winds 🤨

Seriously? It just needs to rain already… just one day (preferably without lightening) don’t cut my power when is freezing out!!

I show zero rain through at least first week of November (I didn’t look past that) bleh


I have to get better at being warm!!! I do not have the right temperature!! Ugh tons of clothes and jackets 😝😝😝

Ya know, when we first moved to California from Massachusetts – we used to be in tank tops in fricken November and laugh at the people wearing parkas in 60 degree weather – it was sooo funny!!

But NOW I am one of them 😮😱

And that my dear – is called Karma 😄😘✌️kidding … but I am one of them now!!

Ok so winter clothes time 🤨 funny how that happens… whatever ✌️

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    1. Yikes… we drop into 40’s in the overnight 🥶 … that’s why I have had the heater running at night!!

      Whoa… that’s the drops I do not like – the 40 degree temp drop!!

      It is severely windy at this moment 😮😮😮 crazy winds!!

      I have to keep checking the power companies website – I am afraid they are going to cut out the power due to the high winds and fire danger 🤨 so far my address is ok… but the winds are heavy and I don’t trust them

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    1. Doing good, ya know still workin it, still have stories and all that fun stuff … sometimes funny, sometimes stress lol… life stuff 😄😘✌️

      Doing good though, working at getting situated with how I want it ❤️ … also trying to stay warm! Lol

      How are you doing?

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      1. Currently I’m busy in my work schedule, So may be the comments get delayed but Yeah to be honest I’m fucked up that’s why took a break but still things didn’t work properly, My life is so messed up telling you only here in this community. That’s all going

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      2. Yeah mine was too for awhile… is ok to do that…

        I went silent from real life after my last surgery… I still kinda stay silent … I like the peace… it let me heal, and it still helps – I still need the peace while I take care of everything ❤️

        This blogging community has really helped me through things … I started shortly after the surgery, after I had gone silent… I still go through a lot – life just doesn’t stop … well I guess after having had that lockdown I can’t really say that lol … it did stop for one minute abruptly lol

        But it helps me to write things out, and then I can just say anything here – freely … and maybe if someone else going through a situation – my words help? Or bring hope?

        So the writing helps a lot… and then connecting with the others … I love the community here ❤️ such positivity and supportive people ❤️❤️❤️

        I don’t think anyone’s life is perfect … but ya know stay strong and keep trying… aim for what you want or try to learn how to fix the broken areas – not easy at all

        Hope you are doing ok though❤️… please stay safe through all this other stuff 🙏❤️

        My life been busy too with work… totally feel you there!!

        Really glad you back!! ❤️ was thinking of you! 🥰✌️

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      3. I’m sorry for the late text , but you know things nowdays. Thanks a lot for the beautiful words and Yes Life is not perfect , I’m strong and will try to fix the broken areas soon. Missed you always ❤️❤️✨

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      4. You sound like you do actually have a strong spirit, just like me… it’s not easy!! Keep positive, stay strong and look for good people ❤️ figure what you want and you aim for that!! Make sure you believe in yourself

        Take one piece at a time. You will fix it. I am doing the same 😊✌️

        It will be ok as long as you don’t give up… keep fighting. ❤️✌️

        Life kicked my ass – so occasionally I get moments to turn around and kick ass too lol ✌️ I am learning lol

        You stay strong lady!! I know you can do it and one day you gonna have that happiness you deserve ❤️ let go of what doesn’t work

        You take care and stay safe ❤️ miss you around here!!! 🥰

        And no worries on when reply… my life gets insane crazy also lol 🤨😝😄✌️ I don’t like it insane crazy lol … I like it better nice and chill … but whatever / life gets crazy 🤗

        Totally understand 😘❤️✌️


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