Today… (and last night)

This morning… I pulled up to work… and the security guard is right up in front of my gate 🤨

I can open the gate off my cell phone… I hit it down the street before I get there so I can just zoom right in and it be open… it was opening just as I pull up …

I went around the security guard and he pulls right in with me 🤨😮😳 what??? They never do that… what is that???

I park… he parks…

😳 was really weird… I get out and he talking to me… just weird… that usually doesn’t happen so I was caught off guard – he must be new.

I can’t believe he followed me into the gate! So weird!! Whatever – no one usually follows past that gate… he was boom right there.

So far, good morning ☀️❤️ chilly ✌️ … I actually had heat on last night… house was so nice and warm this morning ❤️ ahhhh heat ❤️❤️❤️

We had an amazing night last night ❤️❤️❤️

They walked in and was like Birthday wonderland… 19 was all smiles ❤️ my little boy ❤️

We had a really nice dinner – and right after dinner I said … ok cake? 😄😄

But everyone was like omg we too full, no cake yet 🤨😄 fine… so I asked maybe every 20 minutes until they said yes 😄❤️✌️

They first question me… what kind of cake is it? I say chocolate … they all moaned 🤨 when I make vanilla they don’t eat it all!!! And then I am stuck with it … and I hate vanilla 😝… trust me I know how these people are!! I made them 😄✌️

So I bring out the cake 🎂… we sing happy birthday 🥳 … and he blows out the candles 🎂

I have one… the girl… who does not like frosting … I tell her … no this one you will like… it is light and nice… not sickeningly sweet… but yummy…

So I cut them all a piece of cake 🍰… they all ate every part of it… and then wanted more lol (see!!! I know these people!!) all night long they wanted cake … and now it’s gone already… see how well that worked out 😄❤️

You should always just surrender to the fact that “Moms” know everything lol 😘✌️❤️ … a Mom should rule the world.. we would protect you and know what you want/need 😘❤️

Anyway… we laughed alot…

I had switched back over to shorts yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t handle keeping the pants on!!

I went to sit down in a recliner type chair … and I lounged back… it does not have a foot thingy… but I have a hassock? So I had my feet on the hassock… my daughter was to the side of me…

And she’s like “omg your legs are so long!!!!” … it was because she see my legs extended out from the side view 🤨

Lol… I am aware of this 🤨🙄… I can not just go buy normal pants because they will never be long enough!!! 🤨 … I either have to find a store that sells tall people pants (I am not overly tall…’just long legs 🦵) or I have to order online… it is very annoying! Also a reason I hate pants lol ✌️

And with skirts or dresses – everything looks shorter on me cause the legs are so long… but it is not actually short!! It only looks that way 🤨 – “optical illusion” 😘✌️

Do you know a game called “You don’t know Jack?” Lol … Jackbox games… we played those and just laughed and laughed and laughed – it was fun ❤️❤️❤️

They stayed really late and I had to work early this morning… so I did not get a chance to do last night.

They like my new car 🚙… I was like you guys wanna go for a ride? Lol … no one wanted to do that 😄😄

It’s really nice though to just enjoy the moments with each other ❤️ I love my babies ❤️

Ok well I have to get back to work… I’ll be around here and there or after work ✌️

Yeah ❤️ they always gonna be my babies ❤️❤️❤️✌️

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