Really fast…

Ok super fast…

First thing… I got email from daughter school… some kids are back in school… some stayed with distance learning… the ones who went to campus went back on October 6th…

Here we are at the 23rd and guess what… cases all over that school – they in danger of shutting down again

Idiots for opening the fricken schools – did you seriously think a school would not spread any sickness ???? That’s what school does!!!! Hello!!! McFly!!!!

Anyway… so there is that… then they want me to come to school to get her id and pictures 🤨 ughhh can you hand them to me outside?? Lol … great so they getting infected and want me to come down and get 🤨

I did already – I got all spaceman suited up – cause nope!

Oh yeah and some woman today… came over to me… we both in masks and she says to me… do I know you? 😳 you look familiar?

I said umm I don’t know probably not?

And she thinks for a minute and asks me where I work 😳

Lol so I told her 3 funeral homes, so I hope you don’t know me from work lol

But when I said that… she went in to saying “oh thank you for doing that, you are an angel, that is gods work, thank you so much – you must be very compassionate”


I have never had that response before … she was very sweet and very kind lol … I just did not expect that at all – I have never had someone say those things to me… it’s usually – ohh isn’t that creepy lol… so that was a nice change of pace

It was cold today… not to normal people… just cold to “me” … I was freezing this morning!! Omg (the high is 80f/26c) but the morning was freezing and I was cold all day!!! I had to wear pants 😝😝😝 ughhhh I just prefer shorts – I’m so restricted in pants!!! I hate pants … plus I like my legs to keep color… that is not easy when you have to wear pants 🤨 I wore jeans though… but still!!! I was uncomfortable all day between having material on my legs and being so cold!!!

This is going to be a long winter – I am not ready for pants ✌️

And then… I am just absolutely loving the car ❤️❤️ so much ❤️

And guess what???? Thanks to

Reality continues to ruin my life — Read on

I figured out how to get the bass in my car!!!!!! ❤️ I got bass ❤️ thank you for my bass leendadll ❤️❤️❤️

The lady who had the car… had the treble up and the bass way down – I fixed that immediately!!! Now the bass is way up and treble down little bit – now it thumps quite nicely 😄❤️ for a tiny little thing – pretty decent – wooo hooo bass!!!

I will have to pull out some big bass songs for driving to work lol – I fricken love bass ❤️ I want to feel that ❤️ I love when you can feel the bass!!!

In high school… the boys used to fricken pack their cars with these gigantic subwoofers omg yes!!! You could rock the entire neighborhood with those it was bomb ❤️ probably why my hearing is not the best but whatever 😄😘✌️

Ok have to run

Oh one last thing I spoke to someone from work today about some work related thing… but I was half in work mode and half in my own mode… I was rushing around… when I went to say goodbye 😳 I just out of habit with my family on a day off … said “ok bye love you” 😮😮😮😮😳😳😳😳 omg – this is why you can not call me on days off… I do that cause I am not in work mode lol – all I talk to is family and friends I love like family – not usually work

I immediately realized and apologized and it made them laugh so whatever but omg

Must pay attention!! ✌️😘

Ok they be here shortly – I be back after 😘✌️ … love you lol 😄✌️ totally kidding… but that’s how it was 😮😳😄 have you ever done that??? Omg

11 thoughts on “Really fast…

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    1. Yes now it sounds perfect ❤️ 👌 – thank you again!

      Yes we had great time, they stayed late – I will have to post about later on today cause I did not make it back last night 😮🎈❤️

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    1. Hahaha 😄

      Once when I was like 4? In a public restroom, some woman wore loafers 👞 similar to my grandfathers shoes … so I kept insisting Grandaddy was in there 😄 and when my mom would tell me no, I would argue – but that’s granddaddy’s shoes!!! Lol I’m sure the lady heard this entire convo 😄 I was really little!

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  1. Wow !! I also love bass very much lol. Btw in India schools and colleges have opened in few states. But I really think schools should remain closed now. In school it is very much hard to maintain social distancing. And I have till now never said love you to someone from my work 😂😂. But still. It is good to have new experiances.

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    1. The United States, just hit a record in one day infection rates. 😳☹️😔

      The schools are NOT going to be able to be kept open – is a very bad idea… the weather getting cold… we about to be hit hard. 😔☹️

      They need to shut the schools down!!! Too dangerous!

      And with reopening – we aren’t doing it right!! It is very dangerous, we need to be more cautious and they need to shut those schools!!!

      On the I love you thing 😄… I was rushing around, and my mind was not totally focused on that phone call, I had talked to my brother just before that 😄 so “family mode” was on my mind 😮😄😄

      They laughed though so was ok 😄

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      1. Yes but don’t get comfortable in the relief – stay vigilant!! Keep wearing masks 😷… wash 🧼 hands … distance … keep your numbers down – don’t be like us!!

        We gonna get hit hard – winter is upon us… they reopened stuff… it’s not gonna be good. I hate to say that… but it’s kinda true – we in trouble

        Hopefully when we have a new president 😘 shortly, it be better 🙏🙏🙏🙏


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