Speaking with music ✌️

So I totally want to say stuff 🤨 really bad!!! But I don’t think is good idea…


(How beautiful is that song? Right?)

And when I want to explain what I want to say and why I can not say it …it becomes harsh!! 😮

I am an American … I have the freedom of speech… I can say whatever I want …

However … I do have tact and respect.

Anything in regards to what I want to say… will come out harsh in words.

Instead I’ll just put music here – remind you of a couple songs 😘✌️

1967… but here… listen again in 2020 … 53 years later – we don’t learn shit huh?


I’m just gonna use the original video… from 53 years ago. If I use the ones from 2020… I just want something that encompasses all of it… not just one part… and I don’t want any video to be run on any political lines. So again … I am going with the original version – cause those words hit… you know what goes on America

And then let me also add this one… cause where is the love… in 4 years, we stand here with anger and hatred… we are divided… where is the love?


Do you need me to add more songs? Cause I can speak through music instead 😘✌️… then it’s not so harsh… hear those songs – make your decisions.

9 thoughts on “Speaking with music ✌️

Add yours

    1. I know!!! I soooo love music ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it can speak, it can take you away, it can sooth, it can remind ❤️ music is amazing and music has power ❤️


    1. I heard record setting numbers of people have already voted 🗳

      Record setting amounts all across the country! Already!!

      This will be an interesting election!!


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