I have to go for now…

But earlier I messaged my favorite worker guy and told him about my new car 😄

I sent him a photo – he knows I do not like attention 😄

He says whoa… that’s really “Blue” 😄😄💙

So I sent him this…

😄😄 I delight myself sometimes 😄💙 ✌️

Ok I’m off – be back later

Vroom vroom … sorta minus the power 😄😘✌️💙💙💙 meep meep (btw the horn does sound like that 🤨😄✌️)

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    1. Hahaha I know right??? That song reminds me of my mother’s father…

      It’s was really big around the time he died… so when I hear it it makes me remember him ❤️

      Plus amazing song ❤️ way ahead of its time ❤️


    1. Thank you 🥰❤️ When is time and you do that, you will also be really excited and thrilled ❤️ I can’t wait to see you like that!!

      How much more schooling do you have to have?


      1. In India you have to complete your Masters after 3 years of Gradutaion which is basically a bachelor degree to get well paid jobs. But there are many jobs which are available even in high school grade also but the salary is low. India army also offers jobs in high school level you just need to have 10+2 degree and that is a good job but i don’t have any interest to doing army stuffs. The training period for joining Indian army is pretty tough also. I would like to be a teacher someday because my father and my grandfather both are teachers for that i.need to complete my Masters atleast lol. And i’m now in my final year of my bachelor degree lol so 2 more years to go. Hoping that if i can manage it well lol.

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      2. Here once the kids graduate high school – if you go to college… you can do however you want… there are 2 year Associate degrees with a community college… or 4 years State College or university for bachelors … even more for masters or doctoral degrees – which would jobs would pay most money for but they are many years of schooling and can be hard depending on course of study.

        You can also join the military here and they will help you with school… but like India the training is hard – I couldn’t do it – no thank you!! I am not tough like that.

        Teaching is an amazing job ❤️ you shape minds … that’s awesome!! You will love it!!!

        I’m sure you will do well, you seem upbeat, kind, understanding, driven and smart… all amazing qualities for a teacher!

        I worked for a school right before covid hit… I lost that job because of Covid 😔 I miss the kids!! I had amazing kids ❤️ you get attached to them cause they are so awesome!! It was a wonderful job!! Loved it!! Loved being there!! ❤️ you picked a good profession! 👏


  1. I got so much inspiration to become a teacher from my family lol. Because i have so many teacher relatives and family members all around lol. So yah teaching someone with my gained knowledge is always interesting for me and love to being taught by other also lol.

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