What do you think?

I have many things tonight… I do a few posts… this one is first… I just walked in door – today just popped off – I be back with that shortly… in meantime…

Ok let’s see… first … the car issue… you know my landlord and her sister? Her sister just bought a new car so she asked me if I want to buy hers?

I don’t know – I am not familiar with her car at all – is tiny!! So I don’t know about that??

What do you people know about Kia Rio’s is a 2008 hatchback.. she would sell to me for $1500…

She say no problems – but I will call that mechanic that never charges me and ask if he can take a quick look over … she say is under 100k… I don’t know exact mileage yet…

But that could hold me off from having to get car immediately and not kill me with payments – I could do that for now – and then later when I better off … I get what I want 😘❤️✌️

It is electric blue 🤨😄 but whatever. It’s not fire engine red … It does NOT have a cracked block and I won’t have to be under the hood constantly… I won’t have to worry would die on me at any time … is 10 years younger than my car

And I could make payments to her so not all at once and that be more manageable for me.

It’s only temporary while I handle all the other things and a good solution right?? For the moment?

The things that concern me – are that it is tiny… so “severely crushable” if ever in an accident

I don’t love “anything” about it… but it will buy me time… so when am ready to get what want… I can do that easier. Not totally kill myself

So yes? Who has experience with a Kia??? How are they? Would be worth it – or be crap? Cause I don’t want to deal with any crap!!!

I do not like fords or hondas – had horrible experiences with both of those – so never again!

How would a Kia be?? Am I gonna be bitchin? Anyone??? Any info – I do not know this vehicle at all.

I am not overly excited about it… but could be ok for time being right ???

And I don’t have to do loan

Or should I just go for what I want right now? What do I do????

Does sound good???

What think? I want ANY opinion – good or bad

I don’t know – I see bad things about it… I see that is slow acceleration and they have issues with a 4-cylinder engine… I drive 4 highways currently – I drive a lot

I don’t wanna be bitching and hating that completely!!!

Ohhhhh what do I do??? So tell me??? Opinion… honest and blunt please 🙏 lay it all out… hit me with your best shot!!!

Ok let me change and get myself situated and I be back to post more and read – what day is it???? 🤨

4 thoughts on “What do you think?

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  1. I knew someone who had a Kia about eight years ago – they loved it! That said, they lived in a town and really never did a lot of motorway driving. Buying cars from friends can be an awful hassle if something goes wrong soon after its yours, so, for everyone’s piece of mind – get it checked over properly and take a decent test drive in town and on the motorway!

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    1. Yeah I’m gonna call that guy today and see if he can look it over. It would NOT be the car I actually want but “financially” would be good for “right now” …

      My issue with it is that size – is so tiny … in an accident I don’t know 😮😳 … I do ALOT of driving!! Highway driving!!!

      I have also read it does not have good power or pick up – and on 4 highways that might not be good

      I thought of the friend thing… and yeah she never goes far – I go everywhere! I would be pushing that car to limits – I need strong and sturdy??

      But this could get me by for a minute ? Cause I do plan on finding another job… closer hopefully 🙏

      Until then I still take 4 highways – a tiny little car like this worries me a little on everyday use like that. We also are entering winter so highway driving with bad weather 😳

      I will test drive today and take to see that mechanic and then just ask him about my concerns?

      Thank you VERY much for that input 🥰❤️✌️

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      1. Yes that mechanic friend… he is in the big city… I will have to take highways and see how this little thing holds up.

        So we see – I be back to report later lol ✌️

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