Day things

Ok… I am back … so today 2 of my people we upset with each other…

So hmm… these people used to be pretty close… they knew each other from college. And they work really well together and I felt like they both always honest with each other and understood each other – that was the vibe I got anyway…

I adore both of these people!!

I know there have been issues between the 2 of them lately… distance has started setting in…

But ya know – sometimes friends have moments – but they always usually work it out??

Not today 😳

One almost just threw hands up and walked out…

There was crying, and just lots of stuff … I think is ok now??

We all very stressed and pushed to the limit. This is a job where the families matter yes… but you need your staff strong and able to handle everything

It’s just breaking.

So there was that

I did get to see my favorite funny worker today!!! I tell you – I just love working with him!! Such a bright spot!!

He was telling me funny story… remember he tell me about someone he liked… well he built that person up in his own mind over time lol… so 😄😄😄 … it did not work – he was not happy

I guess this person brought up money and just talked about their money and blah blah blah

I said yeah… cause people just want to impress and think that is how to they do it (whatever)

He send me a funny picture 😄 I have to retaliate with a funnier picture lol … but I haven’t found one yet … he’s got me topped right there lol

He nicknamed me 🤨… not one minute goes by he does not remind me of the hot thing… every single time I see him

And he nicknamed me with regards to that 🤨 … hey man… doesn’t that kinda run along the lines of “teasing” ?? I will have to mention that!! – he gonna be in so much trouble lol 😄✌️

I have not found a nickname for him yet? it will have to be a really really good one lol… I will see what I can come up with

He made me laugh today… the rest of day kinda heavy? Just with stuff … but I got some good work handled.

I needed someone to lift something for me today… we had a family come in to pick up ashes… well they ordered the MARBLE urn ⚱️… which is like 500 pounds to me!!! Plus add ashes – there was no way I could do that!! So I had coworker get for me.

Oh and we had 3 families there at one point and I’m doing a million things and I guess we didn’t lock the doors for one moment …

And I hear someone say something while I am in the urn cabinet 😳 so I peek out and there is some strange woman walking backwards out the door with a mask on making weird faces 🥴😳😮 wtf

My coworker came around the corner and went after her… what the hell

I said – was that one of our families ??? Who is that??

They wandered in with the unlocked door… and then was all weird… they left and didn’t hurt anything or anyone… just weird

And that is why we keep doors locked … keep the crazies out

Every time I went in that hallway after that… I could just see that woman in my mind lol

I had a heartbreaking one today 💔 someone who did not take death well … I know how that is… I don’t really do death well myself. Not when it’s mine, so there was sobbing and just hard… breaks your heart to see someone in such intense pain like that. I have to keep distance both out of respect and virus. But I want to comfort so bad!!!

Anyway… ya know I just don’t know… half of me like – fricken leave already… but then there are also things I have loyalty with

I have to work on this loyalty thing 🤨😄✌️

I will cast my line and see what can catch… so we see what happens ✌️

Oh and lastly … 🤨🤨🤨 … ok occasionally (many times lol) when I find a song I really like… I will play it over and over for a little bit – I have not done that in awhile – but it happens …

However – I do not like when the radio does it lol … omg – everywhere I go they play this song 👇 … constantly!!!

At first I kinda like it – ok it’s alright… but now they play it so much… I am annoyed lol 😄😘✌️

Plus it only makes me want summer … and this video 🤨 I am not fond of the video at all lol but whatever

This song is annoying me lately lol 👇

Ok I be responding and reading now 😘✌️ Gnite

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