So wow, ok this is my week of mystery 😳😮 whoa!!!

I can’t even go into to what happened today at work 😮😮 omg – shit went down 😳😮 … huge massive shit…it was earth shattering!!!

Not for me… however – it will effect me. Ugh 🤦‍♀️

Now it puts me in position.

You know that saying – strike while the iron is hot?

I am really NOT that type. And in order to even do that, I need a back up. I am working on the back up – I just didn’t expect or see the explosion today 😳😮 … it was a really huge thing!!

I am a little stunned by the events which I can not speak about.

So my thing I have to learn 🤨😝… is how to um??

Ok well… I am nice and sweet and just a hard worker. I am not cut throat. I don’t wanna be cut throat. Realize what you have so you don’t lose it… do you follow?

Yeah whatever – this week I am being VERY cryptic – I have to be on all these things… the thing from yesterday – I am cryptic because I wanna hit it first before I say… then I be all excited with that chip on my shoulder ✌️ 😄😘 – let me hit it first then I will say – is nothing bad – all good stuff

Today’s stuff …legally I can not speak of 😳😮 whoa 😮😳

Today was really bad for someone … 😳😮

This is way too crazy!

So today, that went down. All hell broke loose 😮😮

I hear that saying from time to time, but today – that happened 😮

And you would totally think it is boring and weird at my work… but no, there are things 😮 crazy things

This is going to add more pressure , not just on me, but all of them. So what to do.

The funny thing is… I keep getting these weird things happening … at first just small little things – like songs or something? Or just something

I would think it was that I was meant to be here? A sign for me to stay… and I do love it there!!

I love being tucked away, I don’t have to worry about being hit on for the most part … is only when I deal with people sometimes but even that is rare cause is a professional business … but it does happen – just not all crazy. I like the peace of it… I am with a lot of women… and let me add many of them are fricken hilarious!!! I really love my girls!!

I love helping the families, and all that!!! It has been beneficial for me tremendously!! It has allowed me to see death from the other side? Not just the devastation of loss… I see death different – not the crazy punch it used to be

I can connect to the families and the losses – some stay with you and you didn’t even know them

The thing I have a problem with is separating my own heart from business … you need heart… I just don’t see the line in business?

I dunno I am learning – I am also babbling cause I am trying to think of how I would like to proceed

I hate that I can’t say stuff this week… cause I totally want advice!! Meh!!!

I am not good in this area

All of this, is going to 2020 my life!! 360 change down the board…

But like I was saying before… about the signs – ya know – I dunno I don’t really know about signs – is that really a thing? But all those little things just kept increasing…

And now is really LOUD signs… but not the way I thought 😮

This week I am cryptic… or mysterious lol 😘… I like it when it’s “me” doing that… I like a little mystery ✌️ – this is not me doing it – maybe yesterday but not today

But on the other end of that – I suck at catching clues with cryptic messages or mysteries without a decoder ring or something lol

I am learning to catch those – still suck at it… but let’s see what happens

I’m a little torn. Not really sure – which is WHY I want advice in the first place, on things I can not speak of 🤨

Go with my gut… yes I know… I will make the right choices… I just don’t like pushy – life is being pushy lol

I like to “feel” the water first… not jump right in. Life is gonna “throw” me in, if I don’t jump myself 🤨

Tomorrow – I am not working… they wanted and needed me Wednesday – but I already took that other thing. Thank god I mentioned that last week!! That was meant to be then. At least I am thankful for that for reasons

So tomorrow – day off … Wednesday work other thing… we see how that goes. I’m still not too sure. But ya know is extra… so we see

And then Thursday – not sure and Friday for sure.

So what day is it? Monday? Omg – what is next?? So fluid!!

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