Smoke 💨

Oh my goodness! The smoke is thick today… like a fog… and I don’t know if it’s my eyes or not, cause they don’t like the smoke… but I swear it’s raining ash!!

I can smell the smoke now… it is really heavy… it’s thicker and heavier smell than was before with the lightening fires 😳😮

Evidentially there is a fire up by Sacramento International 😮

I-5 is closed. 😮 thank god I don’t go that way!! Supposably is just a grass fire – but is fast moving…

Cause that’s another thing… the wind is WHIPPING – fierce!

Every time I had to go outside, I’m choked by smoke… and my hair whips around and I can’t see cause the smoke is already bothering my eyes.

I have no idea why is so incredibly smoky like this… this is not my photo – this is from channel 13, CBS Sacramento… but this is what it looks like – you can not breath!! 😝 I am sooo over smoke!! It’s even just like this at home in the country!!! Here is the news picture:

Tower Bridge, Sacramento, CA 09/08/2020

Ok I’m over summer now… next? My entire house is lit up orange cause all the windows just have orange fog, you can’t see far. Really eerie!

Good news is today was slow, got a ton done and got to have a half day ❤️ woo hoo!

And I am all prepared just incase of power shut offs – everything is done and clean – yay!!! I’m on top currently

I was supposed to take my grumpy little old man to the hospital tmrw – and pick him up… I called this morning to verify … he say yes

Then he texts me at like 1pm and said would be easier if his neighbor takes him and picks him up?

I don’t mind either way or I would not have said yes lol… he asked me… and of course would be easier – I live over an hour away!

So he say ok. He is elderly and not really mobile, and I’m always after him to eat right… I use to do a meal plan for him – cause he has health issues… but whatever, he just does whatever lol

Then he text me back and ask if I wanna come over on Saturday and he will cook corned beef and hash lol

I’ve known him for over 20 years and took care of him when he needed help… he enjoys chatting with me and I do that on the phone – but he has not seen me since my surgeries and all the cancer stuff lol

Ugh… well first of all, that’s kinda far … to get him to hosp is a different story – cause I want him to be ok and have people if he needs that… of course I would do that!

But my little car has issues already… and he’s far.

And the other thing lol… I do not like corned beef and hash… yes I am Irish – but no I don’t not like that 😝😝😝

I am just going to tell him not this time, maybe another time. That’s a lot of miles – and very far – lots of traffic just to go and eat. Then I would have to fight that traffic to come back home, and it’s smoky… not the best time.

I would have done the hospital cause he needs that… but if his neighbor is offering – that’s better – be right there …

It be a lot of miles and gas for me.

He’s just trying to be nice cause I always help him. He doesn’t have to do that… I don’t do things to get something in return.

Anyway… that frees me up tomorrow for another day off ❤️

I was gonna drop him off, go to work for maybe 2 hours or so, then go grab him and drop him off… but now I have day off ❤️ even from work!! Woo hoo bonus!

Look at this… currently it is 3:45pm… daytime… it does not get dark until about 7:30/8pm … but look at the smoke … this is at my home… it is dark like is becoming night ?? 😮 – all of the sudden 😳

I will be back little later, I have a small headache – probably from the smoke- I want to lay down a little while. 😘

I be back ✌️

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