Losing hope

So had court this morning…

I will be meeting with new lawyer again in September to set down what I want and game plan.

I am losing hope.

They set trial date for next March … and says only need one day.

Uhhh no – cause this will be a fight between both. He won’t want what I want – and I will not want what he does… are you kidding – he wants everything!

I still have a good feeling with this lawyer and he is really respected and very honest and a good guy! I get a really good vibe from this lawyer.

I know he is not out to come after money.

But because I was unable to fight at all while I was losing my family and going through cancer – it has now been 3 years. So I don’t know maybe I have no hope. It’s sounding like that.

Lawyer says will cost me money to make him answer to court.

I kinda feel like he is telling me to just let him have everything to save me money now.

I’m sorry but what he did while I was down is not right to do to any human being… I don’t care who you are.

I don’t know, I am losing hope and my belief in things – this is why I do not trust ANYONE!!

How a system can allow what has gone on… I don’t understand… I don’t understand any of it

Well I do actually – he has all the money so he hides it and then pays for his own lawyer. While I have had no protection from him.

I was a stay at home mom. Raised the kids, and everything else and that means nothing

So my life was just basically worth “nothing” because I was a mother and wife – I put all of them above myself and here I stand

I want him answering to the court – so whatever I have to come up with as far as money – I will figure it out.

But ya know I lose hope. And also belief in things

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    1. The system is broken here, is hard to keep hoping that it will be different and it just isn’t. I am tired, and I don’t see it getting any better.

      I don’t want to be crushed but I am tired. I have slight hope but I don’t trust the courts and I was just a mom. So here that means nothing.

      We see. But my hope fades.

      Thank you for your words ❤️ I just feel a little crushed currently 😔 I appreciate the support though ❤️

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      1. ❤️ you are a very good person – is people like you why I DO know there is good in the world ❤️ thank you for that.

        I do worry, I’ve been through a lot. It’s been very traumatizing.

        🙏 I always hope will be ok… but I also don’t trust it will 😔

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  1. You are also nice as a human being. You have the full reason which catch by attraction and I do care and pray for people like you. I tremendously believe that if there is an evil matters then there is good matters also. and you will also overcome this. Stay strong stay positive

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