The Lawyer

Ok… I have myself a new lawyer!! 😮❤️

He listened to me… I am still nervous – just because … and we both be at court tmrw.

We are setting trial date for into next year… that gives us time to request other things and see what happens.

I did like him – he spent time with me, did not bully me, and seems to want to help me. We will see.

This is a little different… I am not sure exactly what I really think yet… they are definitely a Christian law firm.

After he took over and explained everything… he said a prayer with me 😳😮 I was not expecting that.

I didn’t mind, cause it doesn’t bother me… but was different.

He seems very honest, and trustworthy so… I’m going to go with it.

Alright religion, it’s on… let’s see – you gonna bring me closer? Or throw me further?

We are requesting all tax returns and 1099’s, as well as, all 401K info… if he has withdrawn anything he will be responsible for that.

His buying things can hurt him a couple ways… either it will be income or assets or fraud. We will see. If there is fraud the courts will punish him. Even if is under his mothers name, can still hurt him!!

Now he has to prove things. I think I have protection now?? Finally maybe?

And his lawyer mentioned something about my daughter being in question due to safety and corona… he is going to try to go after custody.

The lawyer said he can not. And corona is not issue for courts at this point.

Also… he is not parenting either – my daughter is already missing 2 assignments in history.

I told the lawyer he does not coparent and lets the kids do anything they want or doesn’t make them do anything. Not a parent!

So he told me … ok write him emails every week what has to be kept up with every single week. We will have record of that – and if he doesn’t – I will get custody during the week and he will only get some weekends. If you can’t handle being a parent, ya know

So I will email only facts to him, and direct that. End of story. Let’s see what happens.

Also… my medical… because I am not full time… and no benefits – I need to look up how much the cost of insurance will be FOR ME… after breast cancer – that will be figured in as well.

There are many things to go over and get set…

I feel a little better… I am still nervous cause this has been horrific… but I felt at ease with him. So we will see.

He said that prayer with me after everything – that was really different to me

I kinda feel like – this is going to be a defining thing… is it going to completely push me away?

Or give me hope? So let’s see.

So yeah… we gonna see the power of prayer 🙏… let’s see how that works out. I am kinda curious… so alright. We gonna see if I believe or if I don’t. ✌️

I am not home yet, but I’ll be back. ✌️ I am so tired! I did not sleep well! 😝

Court tmrw with lawyer (not alone ❤️) AND my lawyer isn’t bullying me!!

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  1. I don’t believe in the power of prayer for myself, but I believe in the law of attraction, which is virtually the same thing.

    I’m glad you’re more optimistic and hope all goes well today!!

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