Sunday stuff

My car guy comes this morning … he should be here soon. We gonna see how bad this is 😮😳🙏 please don’t be really bad 🙏🙏🙏 bleh!

We under red flag warning ⚠️… meaning high winds, dry conditions, still hot! and we expecting more lightening 😳

Now I’m nervous… if we lose power and have lightening, that be bad!! I’m on well water at home, so that’s run by electricity… I will lose power and water. I have stocked up already so I do have water should that happen.

But it is very dry here and very hot.

I also would like to say… to all those on the gulf coast… brace and keep safe!!

Won’t be anything like Katrina’s category 5, these are weak storms … but 2 hits – boom boom… be careful!

Ok so my car guy is not punctual 🤨 interesting…

Strike one dude! Lol 😘✌️

Ok have to get to work… I am at ugly walls today. Back later

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    1. Yeah I wasn’t exaggerating lol… wish I was!! The smoke here is bad bad bad!! 😝 makes your eyes water, your throat hurt and is hard to breathe… it also gives you headaches 😝

      All of Northern California is either on fire or covered in smoke literally every single day!!

      Other states – and even Canada and Australian fire fighters are helping! Is bad

      We did not have any lightening or anything last night … but we under a watch for more lightening until Tuesday … we are also on a Red Flag warning ⚠️… winds mixed with dry conditions and heat… if winds blow too heavy… they will shut down power. 😮

      I have never ever ever seen it so bad!! Ever! I miss seeing blue skies… or even rainy skies!! Been a week now since that lightening storm which had over 11k strikes – that’s what lit everything off

      We so hot temperature wise and we were already dry.

      Very crazy!!

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