Bad business

So car guy does not show up, does not contact me… nothing – until JUST now. And even now says… “I’ll text you in little bit, k?”

Seriously ???

What that tells me, is he doesn’t care about his customers, or his business. I can not depend on him and I don’t trust his word now. And done.

He said he would be here at 9.. it is almost noon… not one word until right now.

So I pulled other connections that I think I will use instead. I will have to wait a little longer but I trust the connections. I believe their word.

If you give me your word – I believe you… unless you tell me otherwise. Or prove otherwise

All he had to do was text me and say he be running behind and that would have been fine, but he did not… nothing until right now and it’s almost NOON!!!

So now I don’t even trust his work. Flaky! Not good business practice –

First rule of business – do not waste time and communicate!!

He just lost my business. I’m out.

My other connection much more trust worthy.

As if!!!

Fuckin text me in a little bit k? What the hell is that?? No explanation or apology nothin… nope!! Text me? Really? His ass should be HERE!! Be here when you say, or at the very least notify.

I might be in need – but screw that! Handle your business.

I don’t play games – next!

I will use my other connection.

Guy just lost money! ✌️ I’m not going to play around with my money, sorry bad business!!

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  1. If it wasn’t frustrating, I would have laughed at the way you put it. However, this post shows your character if anyone hadn’t got that yet: honest, trustworthy, very nice BUT does not play games! You are welcome!!
    On another note, this is way too familiar if you are in Uganda, the norm even.

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    1. Lol… thank you very much ❤️… I texted the guy and said …

      I didn’t hear from you, you told me you would be here in the morning, you didn’t show up or even tell me you be running late.

      I have a mechanic ready to look at my car. I need to trust your word – sorry

      And he responded with…
      I understand, I got to bed late 🤨

      What kind of lame excuse is that when you are running a business?! 😮

      I can’t be like – oh sorry someone died, I stayed up late, sorry no one was there to schedule body pick up 🤨 … no one would deal with a funeral home like that!!

      I was about to line his pockets with my money – not now… shouldn’t be up late when you know you have a customer expecting you… or at the VERY least… ya know I understand things happen – could have texted or called at ANY time

      If I can’t depend on his word, there is no way I will depend on his work. Nope!!

      Businesses should have zero excuse for that. Do you want my money or not? Payday or no day? Eat or go hungry? Obviously he doesn’t need my money bad enough, since he didn’t communicate and just used a VERY sorely lacking excuse.

      He who handles his business, gets ALL my business! In business, I don’t have time for slackers.

      I am honest trustworthy and very nice – but I don’t do games in any area of my life …

      Well except Friday nights when me and the kids purposely play games lol – the only games I actually accept lol ✌️

      Imagine how well a business in Uganda would do, if they were “on it”… everyone would want them. They would have money just rolling in!!

      There is also a lot to say for word of mouth… when you do a good job and are good to customers – that gets around!! People will recommend them above all others.

      With business – that’s extremely important!! Like utmost!! To me anyway ✌️

      Luckily I do have a better option, so I will throw my money that way.

      Professionalism – ya kinda NEED that when you run a business or you want to make money!

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      1. Thank you for indulging me with this comment and learning a business lesson lol, which like you pointed out, should have been common sense to the guy. Oh well, he probably saved you a lousy job on your car.

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      2. Yeah I think so … it was very frustrating. And I work very hard for my money! Very very hard!

        It just told me, if he couldn’t communicate and didn’t care about the job… then either he was going to take me for a ride… or gonna do a crappy job.

        I am handing over my car here, my transportation… TO jobs! I can’t afford to play around.

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      3. If he doesn’t take care of me the first time, I don’t have extra money to be dishing out all over the place to fix if he does crappy… I am not willing to take chances on those things.

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  2. Maybe his “business” is just a reason, a cover for other activities … Have you thought about that?
    Here, where it is customary for most companies to be covered for the activities of the secret services, no one cares about their business …
    Maybe you work for a covered company of the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.
    Secret agent Mata Hari Omatra … 🙂

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    1. Hahaha … Mata Hari, lol… I believe she was executed?

      I wouldn’t be a very good spy anyway. You have to deceive – I don’t do that.

      Over here, the people who used covers for their businesses were involved with organized crime… aka the mob

      I just want honesty and no games – I don’t want to be taken for a ride …at the very least I have to be able to trust their word. If you tell me something, then stand behind it, especially in business

      I am a single woman, so I am careful. If someone doesn’t care about their business – then eh, I don’t care to do business with them. They won’t be getting my money.

      That’s ok though – I lined up someone else… who actually wants the money and wants to work… someone I can actually trust. So it worked out ✌️

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      1. I am only ordinary too lol 😘

        I am also not a Bonnie – that also ended badly ✌️😄

        And don’t have a Clyde.

        Nope none of that either lol

        Not that exciting, just protective 😘

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  3. I’m the same way!!

    I’m currently torn because I found a good handyman who did good work for me. I called him for a small project, he said he’d show over the weekend, and I didn’t hear from him again. Grrr. Then, last week, he contacted me to do my bathroom remodel and didn’t seem to absorb that I kept writing “I have NO money!” I blew him off. Can’t decide what to do if I ever come into some funds… great work and he’s offering low cost… but, dang I hate flakes and not being listened to!!

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    1. Right? Well I tend to be very trusting… and car guys you have to be very careful!

      So like with anything else in my life… if they can communicate and actually back their words – then I’m good … but if they can’t … I don’t trust they will do me right… I don’t know this guy, I just called up a mobile mechanic – he is not recommended or anything … I was giving him a shot to hopefully help… he help me, I pay him. But he dropped the ball big.

      I have a really big thing with trust! I don’t want to deal with drama or games. Say what you mean lol


      1. Ditto! Not meaning or following through on what you say is the primary cause of me battling with coworkers!! If they at least TRY to keep their word, I’m cool. But when they completely blow off stuff, usually assuming someone else will do it, I became very angry!

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      2. I don’t get angry, I just know I can’t depend on them and will keep my distance and not deal with them.

        I don’t mind if that happens and they communicate with me – cause things happen… but if is consistent or blatant or something very important … it just shows me who someone is and if they capable of being an adult. If not – I steer clear or don’t deal with at all.


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