Way too hot!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!!! Look at this…

That was my drive home 😮😮

5:45pm and 112 degrees Fahrenheit… or for the rest of the world 44 Celsius… Oh my god! Celsius makes it sound not so bad… my way sounds horrible!!!! Ugh … it sounds so much better in Celsius lol – but it still feels hot no matter how I say it 🤨😄

My actual car would have been pissed driving in that heat!!! It would have given me problems!!!

This rental… the AC is amazing!!! ❤️ The radio has BOOMING bass ❤️ (omg I love bass!) …and the acceleration – Oh my god! So awesome ❤️❤️❤️ – the brakes also work lol … I don’t wanna give this back!!! Crap.

It is WAY too hot!!! I am melting lol… you literally step outside and it’s like you are in an oven!! Like you are being cooked – and that sun is scorching!!!

Today I wore this really cute shirt … is black with pretty flowers … but has a tear drop opening on my chest area … it’s a wicked cute shirt… I got home and took my shirt off to put on a tank top… and I have a tear drop sun burn on my breasts 🤨 what the hell!!! I should not wear that when sun is scorching lol – great 🤨

I am on call tonight and tmrw night for MY funeral home – no one die!!! Do not die when I am on call!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Anyway – Oh my god! So hot!!!

Thank god no burials today!!! Can you imagine? 😮😮 that’s brutal!

Ok I finally have a chance to read now – gonna be doing that – fricken finally!!!! I can’t even remember the last time I got to read!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh I miss reading – every time that happens… I feel so out of touch with the world lol ✌️😄

Ok catching up or trying to ✌️❤️

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    1. We won’t have ANY rain until at least October or November.

      Then once winter comes we have rain like you – all the time! Unless it’s a drought lol / that happens too 🤨😐

      We had a drought a couple years ago and ugh the next summer was fire fire fire!!!

      So rain is good! Lol

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      1. Oh wow so cool… never been there – sounds amazing though. You guys get a lot of rain don’t you?

        California IS beautiful!! Any kind of weather or landscape you want – we have here! You would love it here! Is very beautiful

        I am 2 hours from San Fran and about an hour and a half from Lake Tahoe … Lake Tahoe is my favorite ❤️

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      2. Wow you live in a dream land for a lot of people. And live close to places people dream of going. Its amazing. Yeah we get loads of rain and we complain. We get sun, we complain. Basically any weather we get, we complain. 😂. Brighton has a nice beach. I live about 20 mins away from there. I live in a small town, near fields and woods. Is nice.

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      3. I have posts somewhere about San Fran umm I can’t remember if I made a Lake Tahoe post or not? I have one from Las Vegas which is cool … and then I have one from the Virgin Islands …. I’ve been to Tortola but that’s the closest to England I have ever been … but England’s history is sooooooo amazing!!! I see my stuff all the time… I only see yours on TV or pictures / your history is phenomenal

        Hahaha I complain with rain too… California does spoil you

        I don’t usually complain with sun unless it’s 112! Lol … then yes I complain … or if I get really burnt lol

        That’s hilarious 😄 well at least is consistent lol

        Ohhh I am in California … but Sacramento sort of … I am actually in the Sierra Nevada foothills area – but Sacramento is where I work and our closest big city – it is the Capitol of California

        I live in a country type area too ❤️❤️❤️ it is awesome

        But I don’t have beaches near me… my family back East thinks California is all surfers and beaches lol – I wish … to get to the Pacific Ocean it’s about 2 hours away… I have rivers – the American River and the Sacramento River … and we have lots of lakes

        We have the old west ghost towns and gold mining towns – wicked cool!

        But no actual beaches unless I wanna go 2 hours lol… you can have a whatever you want here … you just drive to it… you want snow – drive to it… you want beaches drive to it lol

        I would love to have the beach so close / I love the beach … haven’t been in awhile now

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      4. We are right on the south of England so it is a long coastal area. We are pretty much next to France haha. It sounds amazing where you live. I love lakes and areas like that. I have never been to America but have always wanted to. We rarely get snow here and if it does snow it is like someone dropped a bag of flour on the floor.

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      5. Oh wow, right by France!! That is so cool!! So you have visited France? We have Canada up top and Mexico down below lol

        I haven’t been to either one. (Yet) Canada be my first aim.

        It sounds amazing where you live too!

        Lol we are doing very well right now… with corona, protests and Trump …Oh my god! So yeah there is that.

        I am too low in elevation to get snow – but once in a blue moon they think it snows here … it’s not really snow lol … I wouldn’t even call it a dusting … but usually we don’t get snow… I am just under 1000 ft elevation

        When it snows up in Tahoe – Tahoe is so close everyone goes there ❤️ is gorgeous there!!! Oh my god! I love Tahoe!! But when it snows – the highways Oh my god! Come to a halt!! You have to put chains on and it’s a big mess… either you beat the storm or you wait for it to be finished

        Skiing is amazing in Tahoe!!!!

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      6. Hahaha I have heard… I have another blogger from England and they say the same exact thing!! That’s so funny.

        I heard – I don’t really understand what’s up with that… what is the purpose of doing that?

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      7. You are funny 😄😄 that is hilarious!!!

        Well just wait til November and catch the circus of an election WE gonna have lol

        Oh my god! God help us. We damned either way – I am NOT looking forward to that… is already annoying!!

        If I hear one more complaint from Trump about mail in votes 🤨😄

        Ugh fricken 2020! Lol 😄 its a year NO ONE will forget

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      8. Well I don’t know about fun. Neither one of them are fun… entertaining yes.

        2020 consisted of January February and the rest is just crap all blended together 🤨😄

        2020 felt we all needed a shake up lol

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      9. No I did not!!! I am now paying for that lol.. but that’s ok – I’m loading up on coffee ☕️ lol I even got an espresso lol (I have coffee machine thing here)

        I push it… I give myself an hour to get ready in morning… you be surprised how a woman can hustle lol

        Shower, cute clothes, make up… look put together lol

        I can do all that in 1 hour… I don’t mess with my hair… is long and straight – air dry done! Lol

        Plus is Sunday – Sunday mornings less people on highways – so I zoom 🏎

        And I was on call for the location I am working at anyway – already had the phones

        I got my shit down lol

        At 7am this morning we were already at 90 degrees … omg today is gonna be another Scorcher!! 🔥 😮

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      10. That is so cool!!! I bet is amazing … Paris kinda has a romanticized view

        Don’t know if that’s just what we have painted it or if it’s actually like that lol

        And is the hub of fashion and beauty. Yeah it’s gotta be amazing there!

        How cool you can just pop over!

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    1. Hahaha! Me too!!! This sun burns so intensely!!

      Burns hurt!!! I once got burned soooo badly – I was red and purple!!!! Oh my god! I couldn’t move, it was soooo bad!!! Never ever again will I let that happen lol

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      1. Yaa it’s rainy season here ! Summers are gone two months back and it will be continuously raining till September end here but we have more chances to see rainbows and rainfalls

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      2. Oh wow!! I didn’t know that… we are still in our summer 😳 … it was 90 degrees at 7am!! Omg … it is gonna be really HOT !!!

        We start rain about October /November and then it rains through February/March sometimes April … that rainy season is our winter

        I like summer – but that heat is killing me! We gonna be over 110 today easy!

        I was thinking you were the same as me in India – we seem very similar? Does India have really hot temps like us? In your summer? I think you get hotter than us don’t you? Oh my goodness!

        Yes rain cools everything down and makes it green and has a beauty to it!!

        My skies today look like rain? My app says possible thunderstorm – but would be hot cause temps still reading expected to be over 110 😳😮 even with rain… but I don’t see any rain!!! Lol


  1. Have you been hit by any rolling blackouts?

    My living room was 95° late yesterday afternoon. I’ve been mostly sleeping through the day to avoid the heat… nothing like your area but I have no a/c so the cats and I are hating daytime.

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    1. Oh my god! No we haven’t … but I believe we have a red flag warning ? I think I saw that weather bulletin come across my phone

      I turned ac on freezer setting lol… daughter is home alone – hope to god do not lose power!!! I asked her to come to work with me today but she didn’t wanna wake up early that would suck!

      So far knock on wood – we still have power. No blackouts yet. Hopefully I freeze the house enough so when I get home she fine. Ugh this heat!! Way too old for this

      I have amazing ac at funeral home ❤️


      1. I heard that rolling blackouts already stopped but that doesn’t mean that can’t resume. They were apparently 1 hr each. I’ll melt!!! As it is I’m laying nekked and immobile in front of a high power fan!!

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      2. Yeah it was hot even with ac blaring yesterday… the ac system was struggling to keep up with the heat yesterday at 112!!!!

        Even at the funeral home… I was at another location yesterday and we lost internet service 😮😮😮 probably because of the heat??

        So far so good today. And like I said I have the ac on freezer setting before I left so my daughter won’t die later lol

        Crazy heat!!! I’m sure we will lose power if the wind starts 🤨😐

        Hope you don’t loose power!!! Stay cool!


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