Handled and Hot!

I am going to rent a car until Wednesday … then I’ll be able to handle what’s up with that…

I work all weekend… Saturday Sunday and Monday…

Tuesday I go into the new job at 10am and do some calls… see how that goes – which will go amazing because I am perfect on the phone like that. I have a lot of experience doing that…

So just through Wednesday and then I can figure out the car issue or work on it and check it out before the following weekend

So my problem will be solved – ahhhh ❤️❤️❤️

I am having a really amazing day – this smile will not wipe off my face… too bad I go out with a mask – or I could light up the world ❤️

I have a “permasmile” today ❤️

Best day ever ❤️


… just got back – rented a car until Wednesday. So that works now I have some time to figure out my own car 🤨

I rocked it today ❤️ I wish every day could be like today – minus the car shit lol ✌️

Always gotta be somethin.

Kids are on their way over 😐 I’m not sure how to react to them yet. I don’t trust them anymore. We will be talking tonight. They will be facing me.

So one more hurdle of the day!

Do you know it’s 106 right now!!!!!!!!!! Tmrw is supposed to be around 110 😳

I’m melting!!!

Oh and the car I rented is a Nissan Altima – Oh my god! I am in love ❤️❤️ that car is bad ass!!! I don’t wanna give it back lol … it’s gonna spoil me!!! I just have to remember “it is not mine” lol

Alright I will be back tonight ✌️

9 thoughts on “Handled and Hot!

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    1. Oh that car is awesome – I am excited about my drive today lol ❤️❤️ totally gonna enjoy for the moment

      Once I have that new job I can get another car shortly. I’m gonna need it! Soon!

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    1. My favorite vehicles are Subaru’s ❤️❤️❤️ all wheel drive lol ✌️

      The vehicles I hate the most are Ford’s cause of their stinkin transmissions

      You would think such a classic car maker would have that down – but nope 👎 they do not

      I am a harsh critic lol


      1. Hahaha … I had an Exploder lol (aka Explorer) ugh nothing but problems!! Brought off the lot in 2000 and right away recalls, problems, tranny – ugh awful!!!

        Currently my little beater ❤️ it’s a Toyota Corolla ❤️ that thing has just really been there – strong little kick ass car!! Nice job Toyota – impressive

        Have never had a Land Rover – don’t know too much about them… I know what they are, I just have no experience with them

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