The Interview

Alright … so first of all, that drive is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G❣️❣️

Omg … is all back country mountain roads – I went up in elevation ❤️ my ears were poppin lol …

But no crazy traffic – just peaceful – the entire way ❤️ oh my goodness!!! Way different than my 4 highways of hell! I love the peace of that drive ❤️… yes please! I want that!!! I barely saw any cars at all!

Is a twisty road, you can’t really speed along, but that makes it relaxing and you take in all the surrounding scenery as you drive ❤️

So I sorta found the place… GPS was like ok you are here 🤨 … ummm didn’t see it lol (directionally challenged lol)

So I pulled into some lumber yard and the guys all jumped to give me directions lol – that was funny… it was down an unassuming driveway looking road into the forest 😮 ❤️

And it’s a little tiny office way out back… only 2 women there – I would be the 3rd. Loved the first impression!! Is peaceful!! Yup, want that!!!

So I went in, and the woman I was interviewing was on the phone in her office… so I chatted with the other woman.

We were just chatting away and talking… she was very comfortable with me right away!!! Had my mask on entire time. Is a peaceful quiet office out in the forest ❤️❤️❤️ god I want that!!! So bad!! Just give it to me 🙏

So anyway… then the lady was done… I met with the CEO. The entire interview went really well… she seemed impressed

And she asked me questions about everything…

The one issue I’m going to have is with my work history. 😔 that could cost me this position – I explained it all …

The golf course and the other office job I was working at dually … for one month – I had the golf course already for about 4 years… but that office job …

I had gotten hired on a Thursday and Friday I got the call from the doctor telling me I had breast cancer. I had to inform them, cause I was about to go into surgery and all that.

They kept me for one month because I was protected by the ADA (American Disabilities Act) … but I was out of work too much and couldn’t with what I was going through – I had tubes and all kinds of stuff – so I resigned due to medical reasons.

I was out of work while I battled cancer and did the reconstruction…

Immediately after surgery I got the school in August of 2019… my police helped me with that. ❤️ the school never knew I just walked out of that surgery. (Later they did, but I didn’t want that being a thing and I needed that job! Knew I could do it!!)

Loved that job, but it was also part time and no benefits and I was trying to survive, so in February took on the funeral home to help that out…

Then corona happened and the school shut down – so I lost that job 😔

And now I am at the funeral home – part time no benefits.

I explained all that and then she understood… she made a comment about how I had been through quite a lot (I didn’t even tell her about half of it, cause it is alot and that would be too much of a red flag 🚩)

I am focused and strong – I want her to see that – not what’s on my plate cause I will finish my plate – and lick that clean! That won’t be an issue! I am handling.

Anyway so that is a thing though with the jobs – I hope she accepted what I said.

I hope my personality impressed 🙏🙏🙏 we will see.

The interview went long – I got there at 9:40am – the interview started at 10am… and I didn’t leave until like 11:20am… so that is a very good sign 🙏

If they don’t like you – it will be quick. They won’t want to waste their time. She took her time with me. 🙏

She said she still has to call on my references – which I know cause they will tell me. So I won’t hear back for a week or 2 – she said they are really busy until about January and then will slow down some.

Also during corona she said this position is fine working from home… so no worries on that either ❤️

It’s really awesome and I want it!!! I hope I get it 🙏

If I don’t that’s ok too, I’m still aiming – I just wanted to try for it… and it’s experience.

I think I would fit right in with them!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 please please please ❤️❤️❤️❤️ but we see

Ok I will be back little later – squaring away everything for court tmrw morning 😘✌️

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    1. I hope so 🙏 I am praying that my efforts will finally turn the tides 🙏🙏🙏

      I want so bad!! Is an amazing job!!! And the pay increase and benefits would allow me to stand by myself no matter what happens in court – but I’m still fighting in court too

      I am taking on a huge load so I’m hoping all the work I am pouring in helps 🙏🙏

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