8:30am Court Tmrw

Alright locked and loaded – ready to go …

I did something else earlier this week. Ya know – I just wanted to see all things that might be of benefit.

Sometimes I go outside the box… cause the box doesn’t work for me … and if I have a problem to solve – I see what ways I have access to.

I needed help… not with money or anything… but I needed legal help … that was before I had this new legal counsel lined up…

On Monday night… I made a post on Craigslist in the community section – and all I said was …

Help – are you a lawyer or law student? I need advice, can you help?

I really didn’t expect much because it’s Craigslist and probably a killer or something – but ya know … I wasn’t expecting to get another lawyer and I needed help of any kind I could get. I found my landlord that way – and she has been a complete blessing ❤️

One person responded, a former retired lawyer.

He messaged back… simply told me about his qualifications … and then asked what I needed advice with.

So I laid it all out and then mentioned about court on Friday and blah blah blah…

I went to bed and woke up with a huge email with many legal details and then he gave me his phone number and email for any further assistance.

It was the next day that I spoke to this new lawyer I now have ready to go.

So in email, I thanked him for his advice and explained I just lined up new legal counsel.

He messaged back, again by email, and explained more things and what to have ready for court on Friday by myself.

So I texted him…

I sent off a ton of questions – not only did he answer and explain all my questions …

But he also gave me the words to speak to the court in regards to asking the court for another continuance in order to get my new legal counsel on board.

Also since no financial information or anything has been turned over

It is reason enough not to move forward because I have NOT received ANY discovery from him.

I have only a few index cards with quick things to mention and I have a paper trail to lay down in front of the court to prove my words.

I will be swift and quick – with proof of what I say.

So… I’m ready – bring it!!!

Also I was talking to another girlfriend of mine earlier and was telling her everything and she suddenly goes “wow, you are so much stronger now, I can see the difference – you used to cry”

Before I was weak. I was scared and he’s been brutal…

Also… I was very sick for awhile… defenseless. I was fighting cancer.

And he was still brutal.

But now – I am not weak… he does not own me like he used to… he does not know the woman he will see tmrw. Get ready – I have seriously prepared.

Also … while I was sick – I couldn’t fight him AND cancer … but he continued to kick until the court actually stepped in

You better believe I am ready to fight now!!! I am not weak and I am not sick- now I’m coming at him

I have a home, and a job and still trying to obtain a job to stand on my own… so I can show the court how strong I really am.

This was rough though getting here – and I don’t know how will truly go.

I am not sure how will go.

I do believe I can obtain the continuance again, because he has turned nothing over to me.

And I have every right to legal counsel.

Once I get the new lawyer on board and bring him up to speed he takes over … all my files are in order …

If he does not comply to the court orders … I will have the new lawyer ask a court order for IRS and FTB for records since he will not comply or provide

Meaning court order for ALL tax filings… his tax returns and any 1099’s ANY and ALL financial records

I’m sure he has protected himself somehow and obviously is defrauding the court

Also if I can prove that, he could be sentenced to jail time, probation or heavy fines.

Yeah I’m comin for him as much as I can now. Get ready.

I am about to enter the fight of my life!! As if it hasn’t already been!!!!!!!!!

So… I’ll keep updating – so you can follow what happens

Also … I can not read any posts right now cause I am focused on this. This is ALOT!! I am overwhelmed – but strong… And I need my focus and sleep lol

I will get back to reading once I get this squared away.

I will update after court tmrw – and then tmrw night after I face the kids.

I am exhausted – but I am ready.

Standing up finally 🙏❤️ sorta and hopefully!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

I have poured myself into this so I really hope goes well

I will be back to reading shortly. I miss your posts sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck – 8:30am tmrw

I probably won’t be back until 11 or 12… cause I have to sit through other cases too.

Here we go!!! 🙏

Gnite ❤️😘

Ps… I find the absolutely most amazing people ❤️ sometimes you “think” people suck – but if you look for the good ones – they DO show up ❤️ I am seriously humbled

I was humbled with people during my cancer – and I am again humbled here ❤️

I love good people ❤️ I am thankful and lucky!!

I am getting quite the fricken law education 🤨😝 bleh I hate this stuff!!!

Although I will say… totally should have gone into that profession – they charge insane amounts!!! $410 per hour!! Damn

Also just FYI … a lawyer doesn’t have to live your life – you do… so protect yourself… learn your shit! Know your rights!!! And at the very least try to reach out and find good people 😘❤️

Alright good night for real 😘

2 thoughts on “8:30am Court Tmrw

Add yours

    1. Thank you 🙏 me too!

      It should go ok… and now that I have another legal counsel lined up … all I have to do is handle today – and try to stop setting the trial date

      Without his financials – that’s gonna a big deal, I don’t have the information to go into trial with… and I do have a right to legal counsel

      All I have to do, is get the court to not set trial.

      Then I can have the new legal counsel step in, take over and go after him.

      So it should go good. 🙏 I’m pretty confident. I’m not scared anymore ❤️


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