Called in

So I got called into work earlier today… whew!!

I went in for 12:30… right when I got there had to run to Haunted Mansion with paperwork…

Came back to my location, some one sent us cookies to say thank you 🍪 (they were sealed and packaged, really nice!)

Then there is a ups delivery, people are coming to set up an arrangement, the mailman comes, ashes delivered – had to check those in

Oh my god! Grand central station today!! Holy moly!!!

Also – had to read a doctors handwriting 🤨 … good fricken luck with that!!

Oh my god! Why do they all have horrible handwriting??? And they are doctors? Don’t they write ALOT of stuff??! They scribble!!! Completely scribble!!

What looked like the word “parallel” … nope… instead it was “pacemaker” 🤨… I had to verify that cause I could not make it out!!! All of it was like reading a foreign language of scribble 🤨

Anyway… I groaned to stop at store… I had to 😝🤨😝 masked and gloved – but I was all decked out.

However… today that worked for me lol… one of the check out guys took me right away, so I didn’t have to wait in line 😊 … sometimes it pays to be a woman lol ✌️ sorry but yes – whatever – facts of life

And then on my way home, on my country roads… I see a car up ahead – no one is on this road… the cars hood is open, and I see a person.

So I stopped. I asked if she was ok… was a young girl, maybe my oldest sons age… she looked like she had been crying, her face was red and tear stained

When I asked if she was ok, she said she thinks she got it now and it will start.

I asked if she wanted me to hang for a minute to make sure – you don’t see too many people on this road.

She said no that she should be fine, but then she thanked me for stopping. Poor thing. 😔 I drive a POS too.

Anyway I am home now.

So I just got home, put away some groceries, got changed, made left overs – thank god I had those!!!

Also… here is a weird thing…

On way my to work I heard a song I had never heard before – I couldn’t really hear the lyrics cause I was paying attention to stupid traffic!!

Whatever I have an app I push a button and it will find whatever song I want… so I pushed the button to find that one.

I didn’t have time to check and see what was, but I figured I would check it out tonight …

Then I had to go to haunted mansion… so I took the company van. The song came on again – ok whatever – just a coincidence.

On my way back from haunted mansion, yet again…

And then on my way home… 😳😮 … I had never heard the song before today!!! I heard it so many times today!!

And just now before blogging – I remembered the song … so I went to the app to check history and see what song I made it find…

It was this one… it’s called “Death Bed” 🤨 …

So I went to see the words first 😳 then I went and looked at the video 😮 same song “just lyrics” below – (incase the actual video is too disturbing)

I can not escape death anywhere!! What is up??? Why that song over and over today??? And where did that suddenly come from??? Today!!

Weird right??

Death like chases me 🤨 I can not get away from death!! What is going on??????

Oh yeah and other development – haunted mansion woman chose to stay 😮 – everyone was shocked – but good for her… a job is better than no job.

Ok well that was my day!! It is also hot 🥵

Busy busy. With death 🤨

I’m not really liking death following me so much lol ✌️ I feel like that anyway – it engulfs my life, strange things about death come up – it’s just weird.

It’s more and more every single day! But whatever for now. Is just odd lately.

Alright well gonna read for a bit ✌️

Gnite 😘✌️

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