Nightly discussions

My daughter does not like Trump at all … so his latest thing with TikTok is a thing.

IF Microsoft is allowed to buy the Chinese company – he wants a cut of that sale, for the United States treasury, just to allow that to happen. They have until Sept 15th to make it happen or TikTok is done here.

She says she’s just gonna delete the app and be done with it – other companies will ruin it and probably charge for content – “to view further videos please pay” yeah 13, and SHE told me that. Look at that, knowing the world already 😔… smart but also sad. She has a point

Then we were talking about something else lol…

Remember the coyotes ?? They kind of vanished by spring and it’s been quiet 🤫

Anyway… I went to bed last night about midnight… I told her she could have one of her all-nighter’s with her friends on the phone if she wanted – that way she gets what she wants and I had help with being on call lol

She said “mum, when you went to bed last night, I heard this” and she begins imitating their sound… 😳🤨😄 … careful if you play the video – those sounds pierce my ears!!! I don’t even like them re-enacted lol 🤨😄

… if you watch this, put volume low at first, cause ughh that sound!!! It’s ear piercing!

She said one started and then tons more joined 😄😄 … so I guess they are back then…

So they go somewhere during spring and most of summer – and then return for fall and winter.

She told me some story about this guy who put a coyote in his car cause he thought it was a dog 🤨 what??

I always TRY to check facts and found this…

😮 oh my goodness!!!


I have never seen them, but they are SOOO loud and it’s always late at night!! I don’t go out looking for trouble after dark lol… Ahhh country living 🙄😄

Oh yeah AND it has been hot here… it’s summer – we have hot summers …

But summers also mean fires … so those are coming – the heat makes everything fire tinder.

That’s nothing new. It’s a thing every summer.

But I forgot to mention, when I was getting ready for work on Sunday – I had CNN on for a minute…

They were talking about Southern California and the fire. Then they mentioned the winds and also that PG&E crews are already out working on it 🤨

Ughh … so that kinda made me groan… here we go with the loss of power again 🤨

When I went to drive to work, I saw the PG&E crews at the power plant … which then made me groan all the way into work!! Lol 😄✌️

Ugh ok – I am prepared … but I am also annoyed lol ✌️ very highly annoyed – it’s literally every time the wind blows 🤨

It hasn’t happened yet… but it’s coming

That will be your news story very shortly , California in the dark, as thousands without power, fires raging and blah blah blah corona 🤨

Alright whatever – totally used to 2020 now – bring it

One bright thing is that I know it’s coming – like I said – I seriously prepared all year, because I know it’s going to happen again!

I am NOT going through that like last year!!!!

When I talk to my friends – I tell them how I have prepared lol… I describe it as my survival gear lol – they laugh, but they are not in the country!!! I am not playing games ✌️

Obviously I did not like how it went last year lol ✌️ but I had just had surgery – and we had just moved in… it was bad .

So I take control of that this year. Not happening again!!! Not like that!!! Literally ALL year I have aimed to not have it be like last year.

While people going about life – I was preparing for this event again little by little, so when it happens, I can just sit back and be fine.

Not crazy panic – and now with corona around – thank god I did that!!!

We could always go to girlfriends house if needed. I just like to handle myself. I wanted to be prepared on my own.

Anyway… off to bed – gnite 😘✌️

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    1. I know!! It’s very piercing! … and at night, when it’s dark and quiet… and then they start – it’s kind of spooky scary 😳😮

      Thank you 🥰 I will… take care of yourself also! ✌️

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  1. I’m pretty sure the coyotes won’t hurt you. Not that I’d try to pet them or anything? Or put them in my car? How crazy is that! But the fires are definitely a concern. You say your prepared and I hope you truly are. You know, with multiple escape plans etc. So be safe Omatra7 — and your Trump hating daughter (lol) as well! I Loved that story!

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    1. I know!!! Totally crazy he picked it up, put in his car and article said he had been petting it 😮 He is lucky!!!!

      Yes I am prepared for fires… we have bags 💼 ready to go if we need to flee or get evacuated, etc

      I also planned for the power outages… I have portable solar charged batteries to power things we need… I have a hot plate to cook with, portable shower, I’ve been stocking up on water – cause when I lose power, I’m on well water – I will lose water too! I have a cooler for our food – last year over and over – we lost food… we ended up having to stay in a hotel! I have a bunch of supplies so we can survive this year 🙏 or try to.

      Oh yes – I get to hear angry gripes from a 13 year old daily lol 🙄😄 … I don’t like him either but she is fierce lol

      She also doesn’t like Disney because she always tells me they are a cash grab… grab all your cash lol

      Yeah 13! … sometimes I wonder who gives who the lessons lol ✌️

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    1. Well is not that bad / but they sound scary… I came out here to the country because I had too much craziness? I lost many family members, my mom got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I had breast cancer – had full mastectomy and reconstruction – plus I am divorcing Satan himself lol

      I try to make things as boring as possible so I can have peace lol – I just have to deal with coyotes now… it’s a trade off lol

      That’s all true – I just needed peace … I’m coming back to life though – slowly lol … I still like the peace of the country opposed to the city.

      Nice to meet you too 😊 I’ll make a post for your fun Friday flag… should be fun!! Very cool!

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      1. I had a double mastectomy Sept 2012 but no reconstruction … have worked in hospitals but not a keen patient! Sorry about your Mum, sounds like divorce was vital!

        Looking forward to your post, take care 🙂

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      2. I am not the best patient either lol… that was a lot to go through … I am comforted you know what that was like – although I don’t wish it on anyone.

        My mom was the hardest cause she was my everything… she’s still here but she’s in a memory care facility that’s been completely locked down for 5 months so that’s hard. But she is happy and has no idea there is a virus.

        I used to work for a school… now I work for a funeral home – 3 actually. 😮 it just kinda took over my life – but it helps me too… it’s helped me process my own losses, and I get to see from the other side making it less scary and intimidating

        I will let you know when I finish the flag post – this will be fun! Very cool and interesting idea!!!

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      3. It kinda fell in my lap and then just took over lol

        It gets crazy sometimes and especially now with corona 😔 and we have massive restrictions with services and burials … that’s hard…

        But the people who work in the funeral business are hilarious and awesome!

        And there is a lot of peace to it – which draws me to it.

        I got the job because I wrote them a letter… not a cover letter or a resume – I just wrote them a heart felt letter saying why they needed me lol

        I had lost my dad and my grandparents and my mom, within 3 years so I’ve been through losses enough … I just explained how I was hard working and very extremely empathetic and would be an asset … they immediately within 5 minutes messaged back – wanted resume… I sent that and immediately they called me to come interview.

        Ooohhh I am very curious about the unusual funerals – we have some unusual ones but nothing too crazy

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      4. great idea, so glad it worked out for you! But all those losses, brings the grief close to home 😦

        I have done a lot of hospice work, that was amazing … then thru that have done funerals for those whose faith had floundered. A Catholic missionary, with the priest watching on. A Muslim grandma whose family were fundamentalist. The son/nephew of 4 Anglican priests.

        Loads of family hostility at their choice which is tough as funerals should be for the living but it was their express choice! Kind of like a very clear statement …

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      5. Yeah we have weird ones in the middle of family fighting too

        Parents who wanted to over step a wife – but ya know – next of kin is the one who makes the calls … the next of kin would be wife – not parents – that was a hard one

        We have had some where the family was estranged…

        Currently we have one we are not supposed to tell anyone if someone calls… we are not to give out any info to anyone on that one- it’s weird.

        You see interesting stuff…

        We have many Catholic, Jewish and Muslim funerals. Catholic I know because that’s how I was raised… but I get to learn about all the others so that’s been cool and very interesting

        But yes family should not be fighting in those times.

        I do not even know what an Angelican priest is 😮

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      6. Hahaha yeah definitely sunshine… but I am Northern California … and I’m inland… Sacramento “area” … I am in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada

        California has many different types of areas … snow, mountains, beaches, deserts 🌵

        In summer we are like a desert where I am – HOT and dry – I am not too close to beaches and surfers – but I do like that lol ✌️ (to watch – I don’t surf myself lol… I am a swimmer though)

        I am about 2 hours from San Fran and about hour and a half from Lake Tahoe

        I have the Sacramento River and the American River … but those have massive currents so you have to be careful. I don’t usually go there – it has beaches but they are not the same

        You are in England ?

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      7. Ooohhh so cool Australia … I have friends who went there recently (before corona) and fell in love with it over there! I hear it’s amazing

        Yeah California offers you everything… but you know – you pay for that 🤨✌️ California is expensive with everything – cheaper than Hawaii … but still expensive. LA area and San Fran/Bay Area are insane expensive!

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      8. Yes I believe that too… or even if you are born in a place but you family comes from another… you may still hold a love for ancestors country – either because of how raised or taught the love of where others before you come from.

        I am working on my flag post – it may take awhile cause this week is crazy! 😳 I’ve been working non stop and have things happening this week.

        But I will get it there as soon as I can. ✌️ I am off to bed for now.

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