Life happens

Today I am going to be working on my own stuff. Still a little overwhelmed with it… but whatever – I can only do my best. I am trying.

In the meantime, my girlfriend is having surgery later in August – she will need my help August 24-28th. So we will stay there and I will care for her when not working.

Then… in September – remember my little elderly man I talk to from time to time? The one I used to take care of, the one who fires everyone else…

He is having surgery in September and needs me to bring him and take him home from the hospital. So I’ll do that for him on September 8th (he has no one else, his family can’t – they are either too old or too far) I don’t mind at all and enjoy catching up with him… everyone needs someone!!

I have to call him today anyway.

These people are like my family, have been for awhile now…

The elderly man has known me for over 20 years… that’s why he’s so comfortable with me… and while his family sometimes doesn’t understand him, he is quirky and once an idea is in his head – he is hard headed lol

But I understand him. He will listen to me. I stick up for him with the family on some matters – and when they can’t be there for him – I am.

He gave me work, when I was in need.

He has watched what I went through. He stood there solid through that. Being supportive and just being a friend.

And my girlfriend – she has been my rock through my devastation …

I said before everyone needs “someone” … she was my someone… she picked me up from the pile of tears I had going on and kinda held me tight for awhile, even when I fought it.

So those people are a solid in my life … I would do anything for them ❤️ they have done for me when I needed.

And that’s how you do life 😘✌️for me anyway.

No matter what happens with my things … I have incredible people surrounding me ❤️ so I don’t have to have fear strike me AS much… it still does

My ex is brutal in all senses of that word. He is Satan to me.

One day he will meet his karma on his own.

I hear a lot about forgiveness – do I forgive while I am still at his mercy and he is still brutal?

No … I don’t … he doesn’t ask for it, and he doesn’t need it.

While working on my things… there are somethings that are going to be bad.

He has no mercy with me at all.

I have been quiet.

But now it’s in my hands – if I give mercy, he will bury me.

I am a mercy giver usually… so this is hard for me on many levels.

I now have to turn and face Satan and slam it down.

The problem with that is, because he is so brutal… and that would piss him off… he already comes at me with vengeance… basically to keep me quiet.

When I speak I am a little worried cause I haven’t been protected… so I worry about what the vengeance would be?? That scares me a little – I feel panic with that.

It makes me question, how to do this. But whatever – is just the panic I feel inside.

I want to be free from him so badly!! More than anything in the world… I just want him out of my life

So figuring that out. ✌️

I have to run – be back later 😘

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      1. Np, why didn’t u just break up with ur bf and just wish him the best and do whatever u want? Why can’t he just move on?

        No offense, but I have never dated anyone thats so that possessive. I’ve only dated 3 guys so……. Ya.

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      2. Was my husband … was domestic violence.

        I always stood by him through thick and thin, hoping it would get better – never did …

        I left when some woman showed up at my door to say she had a 5 year affair with him. I was done / he freed me with that.

        So now he wants to make sure I suffer as much as possible cause he never thought I would leave (I’m not that type to just leave / I am loyal to a fault)

        But at that point I was done. He wants to make sure I don’t do any better without him. So I have to deal with his bullying and all this

        Is what it is… I am out… I am happy- and I am not being hurt physically ❤️✌️

        Was a 21 year marriage with 3 kids


      3. My first bf was stupid and broke up with me 2 days later cuz of hugging. like really cmon, tho I was 12 then so……

        But my 2nd bf I was with 4 a year cuz my cousin and my future 3rd ex told me that he was cheating on me, I was thinking it was a prank but they were bein serious. I did not think he cheating on me at all, but I did what they said so they get of my back, and then I ended up in a relationship with my 3rd bf, who was my 3rd ex. It was fine for only a month, and he broke up with me cuz he wanted a break. It made me angry cuz he broke up with me on my 15th Bday. So I tried 2 think why he broke up with me and tried going back into a relationship but it didnt work, after 2 weeks of the breakup he avoided talking 2 me, I tried apologizing but it was 2 late. I wait until the summer of 2019 to talk to my 2nd ex cuz he knew my 3rd ex and I thought it was my only hope 2 be able 2 speak with him again. I did not want to be in a relationship again with my 3rd ex anyomore, I just wanted 2 atleast be friends if he doesnt feel comfortable dating.

        Unforunately whenever my 2nd tried talking about me 2 my 3rd ex, my 3rd ex just ignored it when the subject Mia, aka me, is asked.

        2 weeks later my 2nd ex did not talk 2 me for a year, cuz he got grounded for something. Whne we talked I finally told him the reason why I broke up with him and how and why I think Gabriel was ignoring me. My 2nd ex was very shocked at this, but he tried his best to get my 3rd ex 2 talk 2 me.

        Then 2 weeks after we got back i communication we became bf and gf and we still r. Before this happened he told me he was single, and when I broke up with him 2 years ago I thouht he was dating someone I told him date, but it turned out that the girl was not allowed 2 date anyone, so my 2nd ex was single and we’re bf and gf.

        This is a very crazy story, but true.

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      4. Oh I know… just make sure they act like adults and treat you well. Make sure you are happy, and make sure you are loved.

        You are still young … you will go through things like this… is training so that you know what you want and what is right for you.

        I have to learn that now too lol ✌️ and I’m old – learn while you are young and be strong!


      5. Be careful who you give your trust to, and if someone loves you – they will never hurt you or want to see you hurt – remember that!!


    1. Yeah, little bit. Thank you ❤️…

      They are like family… I kinda made my own. (Most of my actual family has passed)

      These people came to the hospital constantly to see and stay with me – when I had cancer. My girlfriend would even come over when I needed help with tubes and stuff.

      So I would do for them with whatever they need. ✌️❤️

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