Friday night things…

So Friday night again… when they got here… the boys were talking about stocks.

My oldest has Apple  Stock. So he’s made some money.

But the stock is splitting soon.

That means is going to increase the outstanding stocks and lower the price of the stock.

So if you have a stock, it will be split into several stocks – so instead of owning only one, you will have a couple. Whatever … this is like the 4th or 5th time they have done that!

He wants to try day-trading 😮 I told him “careful that’s how people lose their shirts”!! Be very careful with that.

He does real estate stuff … and said he would be careful, but he has the real estate to fall back on 🤨… still “be careful” I don’t like playing with money like that.

Also… Not that I do any social media other than this, but they do 🙄… and Trump said something about banning TikTok from the United States (Chinese based company)

Ugh whatever doesn’t bother me. But daughter is all mad lol

They haven’t done it yet. But that’s what he says. Could be banned as early as Saturday (tmrw) should he decide to do an executive order.

We talked about Corona… California is rising fast… cause we have protests and then in Southern California they have refusal to wear masks in some areas.

California has become the first state to surpass 500,000 cases.

I kinda mentioned what I want just incase – you know, final wishes

I had to do that with them before anyway, with the cancer … so they know – I was just refreshing and updating lol ✌️

They isolate too, and wear masks.

Alright so then, all the serious stuff was out of the way… now game time…

We played some Japanese game? Something about water? It’s a card game … is very cool… but kinda not alot of depth to it… so oldest can win right away 🤨 that went fast.

18 doesn’t like to lose against oldest lol … so he did not want to play the next game lol

The next game was another card game someone gave me when I was in the hospital… is called “Set” …is a set matching game that matches shapes, colors and patterns. You have to make sets of them and do it fast. It’s fun.

Usually 18 will play that, but not after being beaten by oldest right out of the gate 🙄🤨

Oldest won’t go easy on us because he says we have to learn to beat him 🤨🙄😄

When he was little and I would play video games with him… he would get mad when I would win lol… I would sometimes try not to win – but would usually win.

So I would tell him, practice and get better than me 🤨 … I MEANT in video games!!! NOT ALL games Lol … which he has totally surpassed me now… I won’t even verse him on a video game – no way!! He would crush me instantly lol

So then they all bored with the games we had.

I have games too, so I pulled out Scattergories …

You have different categories and roll a dice to see what letter you have to work with. A timer gives you 3 minutes to think of words beginning with the letter shown on the dice, and fits the categories. We vote on questionable answers cause sneaky people try to pull funny answers just to have points lol

But that was funny cause we laughing a lot – and I got them to play 6 rounds and everyone loved it. Good game! ❤️ lots of laughs 🥰

I made pizza for dinner… a regular one for us… and then oldest does that keto thing so I made a cauliflower crust? I followed some recipe. Is supposed to be delicious

Ours was awesome as always… I tried one piece of the cauliflower crust one… 😳😝😝😝 eewwww tasted like cauliflower … I expected it to just magically be like pizza but it was definitely not!!

But he tried it and said wow this is better than any other cauliflower thing I have tried 😮😳

So maybe because he doesn’t eat other foods than the keto? Maybe it changes his taste buds? I thought it was gross but whatever – he ate that and was really happy lol so that was good.

He said… he had some sugar this week and instantly was exhausted with no energy 😮 said he didn’t even feel good with the sugar… so he continued on with this keto.

He also said, he’s editing some movie? He does video editing sometimes… is a umm 🤔 indie movie?… so he’s been working on that and he’s all excited with it. (He does a lot of things)

He wouldn’t tell me what about yet, cause he wants me to just see when is finished. So I am highly curious!!!!

Anyway, that was it tonight. We all were kinda tired and stressed from this week, was still amazing and fun though ❤️

Tmrw I work “ugly walls” 😝😑 I just really do not like that place at all! I just don’t

Daughter wanna come with me, so whatever. I was like are you sure? Yeah mum I like coming with you – what time do we have to get up?

I said REALLY early!!!

What time is “really” early?

We have to leave the house NO LATER than 7am!!

Ok I’ll be ready she says 🤨🙄😄 let see how this goes ✌️

Ok I have to get to bed – gnite ✌️

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    1. I remember it being banned in India recently.

      Well could be a smart decision for National security? I know people are upset… but we are having issues currently with China.

      I really don’t know what China is capable of. It’s a very hard time right now. They have not been very trustworthy, so there is concern over China.

      That app tracks your location and collects metadata… the concern is Chinese law can make any domestic company turn over it’s user data.

      So I can see the concern.

      How has India done with the ban? Is that still an issue? Are people still upset?

      I do understand the need for security – but it does infringe on freedom of speech and expression… if it’s truly a matter of security, then I don’t see another way… technology can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

      So I dunno – I’m sure people are going to be upset / hopefully that’s not our next protests 😔

      Ugh 2020!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha… I like the orange ones.

      Well I know some who are not spring chickens who do TikTok lol … I think people just upset because freedom of speech – and freedom of expression. Censorship… those are fighting things ✌️

      But where does the line draw on national security? Cause these are definitely NOT normal times

      So ya know… better safe than sorry. For right now, until things cool down all over the world. 😑

      Liked by 1 person

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