Ok working…

So far nice and peaceful ❤️

And it’s Sunday so the roads were not as crazy busy!!!

It’s beautiful, but will be hot!!! About 100 🥵 … I brought a change of clothes – cause no!

Tomorrow be the same way!! tomorrow I am at the Ugly Walls one 😝 … I really don’t like that one at all. I don’t like going there. But whatever

I forgot to tell you yesterday… we have a small package of Holy Earth 😮 it says it’s from Mount Olives Jerusalem Israel

Just very interesting.

I see many things, with many different types… I get to see all religions or non religions. It’s fascinating – the things I learn!

I am way behind on my reading and I have some posts that I haven’t gotten to yet. But I will!! I will get to them!!

I will not lay down on the bed after work thinking one minute, will truly only be one minute lol ✌️ that was my complete downfall yesterday!!

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