Down for the count!

Yesterday… I came home, showered and laid back on the bed for like one minute!!! And boom.. out!! Down for the count!!

I woke up at like 4am lol… but I fell asleep about 7:30pm like an old person lol omg

I am full of energy this morning though ✌️ lol … which is good cause I have to do it all over again today!

I don’t have to get gas today though. I filled up.

Is Sunday so maybe quiet? We see.

Ok I have to jump in shower and get ready. Have a good Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Down for the count!

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    1. That was only because I fell asleep so early!! I thought “I’ll just close my eyes for one minute” lol

      I am at work now, no sleeping here if you are still alive lol


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