A Blogger 🥇 Award

I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by

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I kinda like reading these award posts for a couple reasons. I actually like to get to know what people think and what their answers would be… I can learn who they are a little bit. I find it interesting 😊

I am also honored that someone was interested in what I have to say or how I would answer their questions. I appreciate that very much

The questions can be fun to answer…

I don’t really set these up very good, with banners or pinging?… but I do try… I am used to just simply writing. Hope I sent this up correctly 🙏

Thank you Sheena Manocha for nominating me… you can find the blog Sheenarchy here:

The other aspect

— Read on sheenarchy.wordpress.com


The blog is new but I enjoy reading the posts. Can’t wait to see more!


• Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

• Answer the 11 questions asked by the one who nominated you.

• Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.

• Notify the nominees.

• List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award image in your post.


1.) What are some words or phrases you use the most?

I say “oh my god” a lot… I also say “are you serious?” – sometimes even together Lol … more of a statement of disbelief, than a question (when writing I say “lol” probably the most, as in all the time)

2.) What do you like most blogging or fun chat with friends?

Hmm well blogging is at my fingertips whenever I want it … but I do enjoy fun chats with friends ❤️ I have a few I speak on phone with…is good to release – and I have one girlfriend who I consider family… she is smart and confident and has strength – she is supportive through my seemingly huge issues. I am at ease with her. She does not judge ❤️ So she can walk me through stuff, sensibly… and then make me laugh.

3.) Which language do you want to learn?

Oh that’s tough, because the language I want is not widely used… that would be Gaelic (Irish) because I am Irish… but who am I gonna talk to?? I don’t know anyone who speaks Gaelic AT ALL lol … and I think it’s going extinct?

So aside from that, 🤔 … Spanish would be the easiest for me because Spanish is the second language of the United States. I can already understand bits and pieces… It’s everywhere, just like English. It would be highly beneficial.

I could pick Japanese or Korean because my kids are all into that…

Arabic would be cool because I like that it’s a old and classic language… but I hear it is hard for English speakers to learn this? I don’t know how good I would be with it? I already feel like I would be bad at it, because it is not Latin based and to read it goes against my grain “right to left” … but that would also be beneficial to learn because we have a growing population of Arabic, and I would like to communicate. I am interested

If we are going on just wants… Italian would probably be my pick? I would love to visit Italy 🇮🇹 someday – it seems very romantic ❤️✌️

4.) Name a movie you can relate to, and why?

This one is easy… I pick “Big Fish” … the movie is about a man who during his life would tell his son these tall tales and experiences … to the son they were these big tall tales with colorful characters that couldn’t possibly be true… as the father laid dying in the hospital… one by one, each character came to pay their final respects ❤️ the son was astonished that all the tales were true

I am a story teller … I have colorful characters … all my stories are true and some are astounding. So I relate to that… I believe that’s what life is… and you leave a mark on others with your own character ❤️✌️



Is a beautiful story about one man’s life ❤️🥰❤️

5.) Favorite cuisine?

Umm… while I like the exciting flavors of Spanish … Italian has Pizza and Lasagna… Italian I am most comfortable with regarding food. So I’m gonna go with Italian 🇮🇹✌️ yum!!!

6.) Which post do I like the most from my requester?

Definitely “Owlish” 🦉… that one I can totally relate to!! It sounds very similar to who I am… Wisdom in that post ❤️✌️

7.) What can totally impress you?

Ohhh good one… hmm 🤔 I am impressed by people with morals, honesty and compassion. Stand behind who you are, and mean what you say. I find those things impressive. Be strong and positive and I gravitate towards that.

8.) If you could be teleported anywhere, then which place would that be?

If I could teleport – I would go directly to my mother ❤️ because I miss her so intensely… I want her … so immediately – that’s where I would be. ✌️ I don’t even have to think about that one

9.) If you could have a superpower, then what would you be?

I think maybe invisibility? Sometimes I just want to not be noticed and blend in. I could be anywhere unnoticed ✌️

10.) Who is your go to person? How are you related to them?

Well within family… it’s my sister-in-law… my brother picked well. ✌️ I enjoy her

But day-to-day… would be my best friend… I am not related to her by blood… but she is family to me ❤️ she is different than I am and I get another perspective or view. She is very smart on certain details of life.

11.) Your residing place? Any finest place you like to visit?

I reside in Northern California – United States 🇺🇸… I am not from here though… I am a East Coast transplant. I consider “New England” area my heart (but I am spoiled by California weather✌️😘) California has so much to offer – anything you want … but you pay for that too! It is expensive

I like to visit Lake Tahoe … is close to me… and it takes my breath away every time!! It never gets old … such beauty there… I find peace there ❤️✌️

Let’s see … my 11 questions for others…

1.) What is the biggest lesson you have learned in life?

2.) What is your best quality?

3.) What is invisible, but you wish people could see?

4.) What is one possession that you treasure most and why? What is it’s meaning to you?

5.) How do you want to be remembered?

6.) What is your most favorite memory or moment of all?

7.) Name a song that you connect with, why do you connect to that song?

8.) In a perfect world, what would you like to get from life? And why?

9.) How do you think the world will change in 5 years?

10.) What is something you truly want?

11.) Where are you from? And what is it like there?

Ok so those would be my questions…

And as far as picking people – I would have more than 11, I want to know about. I also know many are busy or can’t or don’t like to…

But I’d really love to learn you… I enjoy all your blogs ✌️ so I hope maybe one of you do – can I just nominate everyone? Cause you all are awesome!

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