Oh really quick – boys almost here – in few minutes…

I wore a mask 😷 literally all day long!!!

Now that I am home – it is off… I can breathe!!

I can’t read ANYTHING with the mask on… unless I stop breathing for a little while 🤨… cause I just can not get the glasses to not fog it up!! Every time so I gave up on reading glasses … I just read it blindly 🤨

If I try hard enough and is not too small, I’m ok. I can see just not read.

And then also… if feels like I still have the mask on… I can breath but still feel the mask cause I wore all day…

I feel it around my chin and cheeks lol.

Ok bye!! They here ❤️

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  1. I got an awesome rhinestone mask with insertable 2.5 filter but with the filter in I literally cannot breath. Ditto for a cool LED light up mask… the wiring doesn’t allow any airflow. But it sure looks cool!!

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    1. I have several masks… I have a few plain black ones… then one that is black with breast cancer ribbons 🎀 on it ❤️… and then my favorite which is American flag 🇺🇸 ❤️❤️

      The American flag one is my favorite because it fits my face perfect ❤️ and it’s cool looking. Army type colored, American flag 🇺🇸

      It also has pocket for filter… I can never breathe with masks

      My daughter always says “aren’t we breathing carbon dioxide? Isn’t that bad? Can’t that kill you?” 🙄

      I dunno whatever … I think I rather be killed by that than the virus lol ✌️ its always choose your poison it seems


      1. I’m mostly okay with the masks without a filter but it definitely gets harder as the temp goes up!

        I started seeing sheer chiffon masks on the internet a couple days ago and thought they were redonk – no protection at all. I’ve since learned they’re ‘a thing’ with the anti-max peeps… an effective way to get around the law

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      2. Oh yes!! And trying to speak with one on… I feel like I am suffocating!!! 😮 I open my mouth to talk and as I take a breath in it covers that breath!! So it takes a lot of effort to be speaking 🤨

        😮😮😮 people just never cease to amaze me… whatever 😒 this is why we have such an issue because of those people!! And people who think this is a stupid hoax – I am so tired of hearing that. Can we send these people to an island by themselves? 😘✌️

        I have seen masks 😷 for the hearing impaired … it has a clear plastic where your mouth is… so they can still read lips 👄


    1. At first I didn’t like… 😝😝

      But now I kinda do ❤️

      First you can only see my eyes 👀… so you can not read my facial expressions as well. (I am extremely readable by my face lol – I have not mastered controlling facial expressions) so I like that you can’t read me.

      And then the other added bonus – if I am mumbling under my breath cause I am mad – you can’t see me mouth any bad words lol … I can mouth whatever I want and no one knows lol – you don’t even know if I am talking to myself

      You can still tell when I smile – cause I have Irish eyes 🤨 it’s the eyes that light up the face lol … but whatever – mostly bonuses lol ✌️

      But when I have to have it on NON-STOP all day long… when I get home and take it off – I still can feel it on!! Like I mentioned, I can feel it’s impression still on my chin and cheeks.

      Also I am saving a TON of money on lipstick 💄 💋 lol

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