Funny calls.

My phone tonight…

So I am talking to my mom tonight, and we talking and most calls go like this…

So… you seeing anyone?


Oh really? How come? Do you not want to?

Nope lol

Oh ok… and we would laugh … then we would talk about something else … but 5 minutes later …

So are you dating any guys? 🤨

Like 20 times this question appeared 🤨 Oh my god!!! Every call even though we talked yesterday too!

And she says to me at one point… Mike? Did you say Mike?

What?? What are you talking about ?

Are you dating a guy named Mike?

Ugh what? mom no!! There is no Mike

You must have known a bad Mike 🤨😑

Mom I don’t even know a Mike!

So you are “not” seeing Mike then? How come, don’t you like him? 😑🤨 Oh my god!

So I finally just said … Mum, I don’t like or date ANY guy. I just want my peace

Every call the convos go there … every single call!!

When I say I am not dating anyone she gets all sad for me… oh really – wouldn’t you want that though?

Well yeah, I just don’t wanna deal with shit…

And she laughs and says “well no one does” 🤨😄

She also acts shocked I don’t wanna date… but I don’t tell her what goes on with stuff… I don’t want to worry her or have her loop some kinda worry or terror. So I just let her say whatever, I tell her what I can and I’m am vague with everything else.

These convos go around and around!! 20 different times … we generally have the exact same convo for like 2 hours every night lol

We laughed a lot and she asked that question a lot 🤨

Then she was saying to come visit her she misses me 😳😮 I will mum, soon ❤️🙏

I don’t wanna say anything … I just wanna enjoy her happy- not freak her out. I also don’t want to get into it and have to explain the virus – I get to have convos with her where corona doesn’t come up, sometimes it almost does …but I can divert her. She is not aware.

She makes me laugh always ❤️ I want to record her laugh because I love her laugh ❤️

And then she tells me tonight at end of call, “ok well I will call you tmrw” (she won’t .. she cant remember numbers so whatever, I call her) but is funny ❤️ ok mom

I am glad to have any convos with her – just the one about dating makes me squirm lol … I don’t like that convo lol

But anyway… I get off the phone with her, and the little elderly man I told you about calls me.

He tells me he fired his worker lol … I knew that was gonna happen… once it gets in his head he’s done.

Then he’s having surgery in September and wanted to know if I can take him… yes I will take him… I’m not going in though but I will bring him there and take him home.

He doesn’t really have anyone. Just me …

And then he says he wants me to maybe come back and work for him. He said he’s only comfortable and only likes me.

Uhhh we see

I say that an awful lot – especially lately!!!

I did like working for him though … he is a hoarder … but he hoards antiques 😮

So every box and everything is like Christmas 😮😮😮 so amazing !!!

And I make him laugh. Plus he doesn’t have anyone to talk to… just me. I do enjoy working for him. But he is about hour and half from me

He had a wife… and they were close… I took care of her too… she had cancer … so I would bring her and sit with her in chemo. That was before I got cancer. She died umm maybe 2 years ago?

So he’s really lonely. He’s a good guy. He has a lot of health issues too though.

But anyway… I don’t think I can go work for him… I need benefits so… that would be issue, and he’s sooo far for me.

But I can be friend so… if he needs help I be there, when able…

He’s going to need to have someone. He went on and on tonight that he only wants and is only comfortable with me.

I get that… I know how he is, I’m the only one he was ok with. He has known me for umm ?? Over 20 years… I met that family in 1998.

So I am familiar, and very close like family. But he’s going to have to keep someone beside me!!! I certainly don’t mind… I do consider them family… so I dunno.

His mom is still alive but she’s like 86. She lives around his area.

Anyway… I won’t hear from my police officer tonight cause he working… plus I just dropped a lot on him… let him absorb it. I’m not sure what he could even say or do… but whatever. I tried that option so we will see what happens.

Tmrw I have the graveside service. So curious to see what I do with those… I don’t know who those – I don’t do those 😮

We shall see ✌️

Alright Gnite 😘✌️

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  1. I know you wouldn’t want to lie to your mom but maybe she’s thinking you’re someone from her past. If she doesn’t remember things, and it would make her happy, why not explore telling her that you’re dating “Mike” and ask her what she thinks of him and the situation… what she remembers about him… etc??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol… no she remembers – I check all the time… but is funny…

      Before she had Alzheimer’s she used to get me and my sister confused – cause we sound the same. So she would call me by her name and she would call her MY name lol…

      But now that she has Alzheimer’s she always knows it’s me, never calls me the wrong name.

      I still double check… I say “do you know who this is?”

      And she immediately says “yes of course Trisha” ❤️

      If I did that… then that would probably stick and then she always be asking me about someone named Mike 🤨😄😄


    1. I have a voice mail from my moms mom, before she died… it’s still on my phone … she died 10 years ago ❤️ the recording is from a little while before she got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/dementia

      It just says “hi Paaa, it’s Nana Rene, I will call you back later. I love you”

      (She always called me Paaa … there were 3 of us Patricia’s 🤨… she called all of us that lol)

      But is cool ❤️🥰❤️ I always get to hear her voice when I want

      We called her Nana Rene because she was our Nana… and her name was Irene. (I had older cousins, on that side, who picked the name)

      I was the oldest cousin on my dads side… so I got to pick those lol…

      Not really “pick” but is what you can say when you a baby lol… so my dads parents were Nanny and Grandaddy ❤️

      No one wants to be called grandma in my family lol ..

      When my oldest was born she was all excited … she said I want “Nana”… I said “no grandma?” She told me… “no that will make me sound too old” lol ok mom whatever …

      So they all call my parents Nana and was Grandaddy ❤️

      Anyway I don’t know why I went into all that… I have to run

      Hope you are doing good! ✌️


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