Away for a minute …

So for the next 2/3 days … I need to supremely focus. I need everything set up, ready and together – with my questions … cause then Wednesday I have that phone appointment with the court self help.

I am going to be working on all that for next few days – I probably will take breaks but it’s important to me.

I want to be very prepared.

I really need to focus… so probably not going to be around as much for today, tmrw and Wednesday…

My appointment is Wednesday morning at 10am … I think I get 20 minutes … so I have to be spot on with my things… but I will be back after that to share what happened. And then also relax for a minute and read.

I will probably read at night … it just helps me get away from all this stuff… which I hate!! Lol

We are cooler today… only 97 🤨 whatever lol … like that’s even cool!!

And check this … 😳😮…

Yikes 😳😱😮 … bracing for that. I am in one of the counties listed and rising.

Ok I have to go do my stuff and focus. Ugh 😑

Back at some point ✌️

Stay safe and isolate 😘✌️

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