Funeral Homes

I am trying to do stuff – but that is not working very well today.

I have a million things on the burner!! Trying to wrangle them all!!

Doing ok but keep having interruptions 🤨

And then worked called – the first time to ask me to cover a shift – no problem 👍 got it.

And then the district manager ask me if I could work Saturday’s at another funeral home… completely new one to me

This one I don’t know at all… I have heard of it, and it is also located in the city. It is in our network.

Evidentially they are losing 2 employees and requested help, so they are sending me 😮 … I will cover their Saturday’s for a little while.

So she’s supposed to give my contact information to this other funeral home because they will have to give me a key and alarm code.

I will probably have to go down there tmrw sometime, to get that since I work there on Saturday lol

Yup… they just called me lol… I will be going in for noon tmrw to get the key, the code and they will give me a tour of facility and run down.

I am totally working all the funeral homes lol

My daughter says “Oh my god! Are all these funeral homes connected?”

Yes my love, we are in same network. Lol

So alright then. Kinda cool – I’m a traveling funeral person lol – definitely getting the education lol – I get to see them all

It was the district manager who call me for this – so I know is approved ✌️

I am just trying to handle many things 😮 but I think I have it?? 🙏

I am also waiting on a delivery… I checked the status of it and it says delayed due to emergency or weather conditions 🤨 – of course – should be here tmrw … but I still hope for today!!!

Ok I should go for now ✌️ back later

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    1. Hahaha have done across state lines but never outside the country lol… the transport fees would be atrocious lol… and then coming through customs might get hairy… but I could could probably be done lol

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