2 Things…

Two things from today… let see

Let’s start with the annoying thing I wanna gripe about lol …

Fricken California and their fricken Props 🤨

I went to buy something and it pops up with the California Prop 65 🤨

Prop 65 says this product can cause reproductive harm… which does not effect me – cause that is totally not happening … but I don’t want it effecting my daughter.

And then it also says – known by the state of California to cause cancer 🤨 they say that with caffeine too 🤨 ugh

I can’t have anything!!!

And then I go to buy something else and I find it online – only for it to tell me – it’s sold in 49 states … guess which one state it is not allowed to be sold in 🤨 … yes California 🤨

So that was really annoying- but whatever I’ll figure that out – nothing major or urgent.

California kills me with all their stuff 🤨 is the only state that does that shit!!! Kills me!

Anyway… then I had something amazing happen today!!!!

I had to just leave – I needed some things for my car anyway…

So I went to the auto parts store…

I needed oil, windshield wiper and windshield wiper fluid.

So I got all that, and they even came out and replaced it for me ❤️

But during that… I see a little boy I recognize 😮😱😱😱

It was one of my kindergarteners ❤️❤️❤️ Oh my god! And he remembered me ❤️

I love his name … I love saying his name even when we were in school… his name is Charlie … is he sooo cute and tiny … he fits Charlie

I got to see him, his brother and his father … I just lit up!!! He gave me a hug…

This little boy used to come to school and cry… he couldn’t go to public school cause they couldn’t get him to stop crying… he was too attached to his mom.

Well I was that child once… so I remember – I was the one who got him to stop crying – and then he started loving school ❤️

He used to walk by the office and he always peeked in and said hello with an excited wave lol – he’s adorable

So that kinda made my day today ❤️❤️❤️

And those are my 2 things that made impact today lol ✌️

I miss all my kids!!

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  1. California does have all the laws and restrictions yet at the same time rules that seems to favor only certain people. For a diverse state, it still behind on many things like housing and affordable land for the middle income Americans which makes up the most of our population. The rich gets richer, poor gets poorer, middle incomes drowning from too many taxes. Oh, well , no paradise is perfect.

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    1. Yeah … before I ever ever ever lived in California – you just have a image in your head lol…

      It’s just normal, with issues … so yeah normal lol

      It’s beautiful though – expensive but beautiful and the weather will spoil you rotten!! Lol ✌️

      Alright – I will walk and check out the pool ✌️

      Take care

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