Seeing a lesson!!! Right?

Do you ever have moments of extreme clarity 😮 …

This woman had my life in her hands. Everything that comes out of this woman’s mouth – is a lie 😮 I have never trusted her, but she is what I had. I don’t know these things. Is way above me.

And he is slimy so. Who knows

I continued to believe that she was going to help me…

In the same way during the marriage – I thought “one day be better”

Whoa 😮

Flaw correction needed right there 😳😮 whoa 😮

But yeah… not one word this woman says is trustworthy

And right there – I put my life in her hands 😮

I married Satan – I put my life in his hands 😮

Whoa – seeing a lesson 😮

Ok. I think I get it? ☹️

Well that’s a sucky lesson 👎

Now it’s on me… so… I am facing Satan all by myself 😮 my fate rests in my own hands!! Whoa!

Look at me all growing up ❤️✌️ without my mom and dad

Who do you trust the most ever – should be yourself… always – be strong and believe!!

I hope. 🙏 But yeah – this bitch lies 🤨 ugh… tells me incorrect things and lies about everything… dude!!! It’s blatant at this point 😮

And she had my life in her hands just like he did. Whoa

What is wrong with me there??

Although there is a saying… before you go believing “you” are the asshole, look around to make sure you are not surrounded by assholes lol.

Sorry my granddaddy said a lot of sayings that run through my mind!! Dammit, now they sink in lol ✌️

See … I can hear your words. They will stick and I will face something that clicks and boom I remember

I always thought having a lawyer would be better than being left wide open and someone who knew what they were doing would protect me…

And this was a woman… a fuckin woman!!

What the fuck is that?? Whoa

See you can’t trust a man or a woman … you have to know that person and then even still…

Do you ever truly trust your life ?

That is a harsh outlook to me – whew 😝 that’s heavy!!

Anyway… she’s a lying sack of shit – sorry but she is. I’m gonna just call it like I see it. A duck is a duck…

And I allowed that to have my life 😮 … sorry keep blowing my own mind with that stuff

Yeah whatever – she sucks, I can’t believe I let her have my life like that.

I am mad at myself to see that. I should be smarter than that.

And whoa … I feel hardness in this lesson… ugh I hate hardness!! Bleh…

I can’t relax with hardness bleh!!!

Lessons to be learned

I want peace – and I will achieve that.

Just remember … who do you trust with your life? Whoa … sorry that is so heavy to me!!

Are they worth it? And do you truly see them? Open your eyes – watch your life, protect yourself.

I have to be careful in this lesson… I feel like it can go 2 ways …

I don’t trust anyone ever ever ever again lol… and hardness sets in 😮 whoa – I don’t want that one ..crap

So how to be normal and trust? lol wow… I definitely do not like this lesson!!! Dammit life!

I can’t believe is a woman, and doesn’t care? Didn’t protect and lies whoa 😮… to another woman! ☹️ where is your character?

Sorry I just wasn’t thinking and didn’t know. I trust women because I am a woman… and I don’t feel intimidation and I can relate to…

Some you just click with perfectly ?

But some? I just didn’t think in this setting that would happen.

Whatever – ok meeting this “so called” woman. That is sad.

So I guess I needed lessons … see how I get those? 🤨

I hate adulting AND still having lessons!! Both suck! Learn your lessons young! Do your thing – believe in yourself. Handle yourself.

Watch for morals, and compassion. ✌️ end of story.

Bleh… I don’t want to see this woman but I have to go.

Facing a minion 🤨

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