Got it

I have my life with me… it’s in huge folders. I will need some wheelie type cart… I won’t be able to carry this by myself into court.

There is a lot.

She kinda kissed my ass…

“Hi there sweetie, how are you? You are looking so good, look at you”

The last time this woman saw me… I had cancer. I was sick.

Her voice level is that level when you are being all cutsie?

“Oh hi sweetie” 🤨

Like she’s my friend…

And then she gave me my files and told me the areas I should zone in on… I will heed the advice and the source. Any info is good info

I can’t read this well, cause then she said to me… “if you get stuck, or need any help at all – I will still have and keep my email”

Why would you help me now? Why not help all along? Why trying to be nice now?

Keep your bridges – don’t burn them… you hold them – Incase you need them.

I will heed her advice, and keep her word on that bridge… we see. If I need, I will pull that.

She also said… she feels horrible for leaving me in this position against him at this time… 🤨

But she was decent. He has paid nothing… so any work that was done… I will give her props for that. Thank you…

She told me, I owe her nothing – she wipes it from my file. I am free from that. Whew

I am absorbing everything

I had my mask on the whole time – she could only see my eyes…

I like when you can only see my eyes – then you can’t get a true read on me – I like that.

Like in poker … you hold your cards.

All my experiences are things I am gonna pull from here.

After everything is said and done… my entire life – will be completely different 😮

I am about to have some massive life changing moments

It’s in my hands!! I have it seatbelted in beside me lol ✌️

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