Next week

This will be my week next week 😮 and it begins … maybe… cause I have said this a couple times now. ✌️

Notice Thursdays description 🤨

Heat advisory 😝 ugh… ok… I love summer – summer is good!

Doesn’t heat kill virus? 🙏 so ok – cook me

It’s gonna be a really hot week 🥵 ok

Lol… just kidding possibly lol – seeing if you were awake lol ✌️ … but damn it’s gonna be hot! 🥵♨️♨️♨️

I’ll be back after work ✌️ whew

4 thoughts on “Next week

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    1. Very true!! I am inland… we have rivers … but to go to the ocean is maybe 2/3 hours… haven’t done that in awhile.

      But yes absolutely!

      We sometimes go hang at a neighbors pool, so we do that sometimes lol

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