Good Days/Bad Days

Awww 😔☹️ I have bad stuff this weekend 😮

Probably the busiest and the most saddest cases I have had yet 😮

And then that guy just broke my heart 😮 aww 💔

I wanna just tell you, but I can’t. They break my heart though 💔 I feel 3 of them really closely.

It’s just sad – you can still see and feel the heartbreak even though isn’t yours. 💔 That is HARD!

Yikes for today 😮

That song totally!! ☹️💔

Ok so it’s that kind of a day – yikes 😔

But that is the job and how it goes. So ya know … you have good days, and then you have hard ones. ✌️ That’s how life goes

I have a clock here that is wrong – I just looked at it and panicked … It says 1pm… I was gonna have a heart attack if it was 1pm!!

Thankfully it is only 10:45am Sunday morning – whew …

But it does feel like “a lot” has happened in that time frame for it to only be 10:45am!! I will take it though – need that time to complete everything!!

Ok …back, who knows when ✌️😘

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